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Top Converting iFriends Landing Pages

Looking for the top converting landing pages on iFriends? You're in luck! We've sifted through logs and analytics and have identified the top 5 pages you should be using to get maximum results with ClickCash. Let's take a look at each one...

iFriends Homepage
The iFriends Homepage is the gateway to the best of live cams. This page is one-stop shopping for the sexiest hosts, new camgirls, top models, and more. Plus, models who are using interactive toys are spotlighted on this page, too. Grab the banners you'll need to promote the homepage or use the text link below to send traffic straight to it!

Market iFriends Homepage

iFriends Free Cams
Everyone loves free stuff, and cams are not different. Send users straight to currently live, currently FREE cams and watch your conversions soar. Free Cams let your traffic kick the tires and test out the site before joining. Models who host in Free Cams are attentive to guests and will work to get users to join so they can go private. Use our banner creative that spotlights Free Cams or the text link below in your marketing.

Market Free Cams

iFriends Babes
Promote the best of the cam models on iFriends. The Babes category on iFriends is filled with top-rated hosts who have tons of content that can be used in promotions. These are models who always leave users happy and ready for more action. Grab the link below and send users to the hottest live cams on iFriends.

Market the Hottest Live Cams

iFriends Busty Cams
Size matters, and for those who love busty cam girls, our Big Boob category is for them! Make the biggest boobs you'll find on cam. You can use our premade banners or the text link below.

Market Bust Cam Girls

All Women Live on Cam
Some users just can't decide, so give them everything! Our Live Cam All Girl landing page spotlights every lady who's hosting on iFriends right now! All ages, sizes, hair colors, and session styles are available to them in one convenient page. Use the link below to send traffic to the listing of all the live ladies!

Market All Women Live on Cam

Summer Sizzles with ClickCash!

Turn up the heat this August when you increase traffic to iFriends through your ClickCash program links. ClickCash has the tools and tips you need to turn your website, blog, or social media feeds into huge affiliate payouts!

RSS/XML/JSON FEEDS: With our dynamic API's, you can create real-time content promoting iFriends live cams on your blog or website. Our easy-to-implement RSS, XML, and JSON feeds are customizable by niche and send your traffic directly to live models.

PROMOTE LIVE CAMS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or other social networks, promoting live cams in real time has never been easier! Combine our powerful API's with Feed Posting Services and watch the conversions roll in. Check out our blog entry on getting started with on of our favorite services.

Promote Free Live Cams Today:
ClickCash offers Payout Programs to fit every webmaster need, including Revenue Sharing, PPFS, PPS, and PPES programs! Take advantage of our increased payouts. Join Now and find out why it PAYS to be a ClickCash affiliate!

Summer Sizzles with ClickCash!

Celebrate summer with extra green this July! Increase traffic to iFriends and watch your earnings heat up. Got mobile traffic? Great! Send it to iFriends and declare your financial independence with high payouts.

CASH IN ON MOBILE TRAFFIC: Have you seen the improvements to the iFriends' mobile experience? Users have, and they love them! The latest updates to iFriends have led to more mobile signups, longer session times, and more commissions for our affiliates. Check out our blog post on these improvements for full details.

HIGHER CONVERSIONS: The iFriends signup process has been improved, leading to better conversions for all affiliates. Expand your marketing and reap the rewards of more paid signups than ever before.

Promote Free Live Cams Today:
ClickCash offers Payout Programs to fit every webmaster need, including Revenue Sharing, PPFS, PPS, and PPES programs! Take advantage of our increased payouts. Join Now and find out why it PAYS to be a ClickCash affiliate!

Expand your marketing to target users who want to control the action themselves!

Look for the models with the special pink Interactive Toys banner on their profile pictures. These models are using toys that can be controlled remotely. Whether it's through tips or by taking the model private, users can control the vibrators used by these models. These interactive models keep users in sessions longer, leading to higher conversions for affiliates who promote them!

Here's how these cam models show in live browse:

Send your traffic straight to live models!

iFriends Mobile is Better than Ever!
Ramp up your mobile marketing and watch your conversions climb. iFriends has an improved mobile experience that's already leading to higher conversions and better payouts for affiliates.

Changes include:
  • Guest Chat - guests see streaming video across all sessions (uncensored in live!)
  • Video Improvements - with higher quality video streams, users stay in sessions longer
  • Audio Updates - no matter what device, all users now get crisp audio!
Use our Mobile Optimized creative or our Mobile Responsive creative to convert your mobile traffic. You can also use the text link below in your marketing or ad network links.

Market Free Cams to your Mobile Traffic!

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