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If you've used social media, you've seen hashtags. They are those keywords at the end of a Tweet, Facebook post, or Tumblr item that start with #. These keywords are clickable and bring users through to more content related to that word.

If you're not already using hashtags in your social media posts, you're missing out on impressions and clicks. Don't believe us? Here's what LinkedIn says about Hashtags:

The basic formula is: Your Post + Relevant Hashtags = More Clicks

Now that you know WHY hashtags are important, here's some tips on making and using Hashtags:

  1. Use Relevant Keywords - Take a look at the model or content you're posting. Pick 1-3 keywords that you'd use to describe that content, and make them hashtags. Here's an example of how @iFriends marketed model MARIAHSEXY:

    You can see they used #brunette and #camgirls, both of which are relevant to the model they are marketing. We'll give you a listing of some common hashtags at the end of this post.

  2. Be Concise - #Using #too #many #hashtags #will #make #users #cringe. A good rule of thumb is to keep your hashtags to 3 or less. And keep them short but sweet. Hashtags are made up of one-to-two words and shouldn't #BeAnEntireSentence

  3. Analyze Trends - Websites like and allow you search for how popular certain hashtags are. They also give you suggestions for related hashtags. Have a look at Hashtagify's analysis of #camgirl for an example of the information you can find.
Let's help you get started! Here are some popular cam-related hashtags that you can use in your iFriends marketing!

There are way more hashtags that you can be using to describe your content. You can find more information on hashtags in general at's Quick Start Guide. We'd love to help you identify new hashtags you can use for your marketing. Visit us in Live Chat Support or drop us a line with the model(s) you're looking to market and we can give you our suggestions!


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