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A Postback Pixel (or Server 2 Server/S2S call) sends you a notification every time a specific action happens. This allows you to use third-party conversion aggrigator programs to view stats across your various affiliate networks.

In the past, our Postback Pixel fired only at a viewer signup. This is great if you're using our Pay Per Free Signup program, as you receive your commission immediately. This is a service that we continue to offer. For affiliates who promote Pay Per Signup or RevShare links, it only let them know that there was a signup and not that they received a commission.

Recent updates to our Postback Pixel support now allow us fire your pixel when a commission is earned, not just when a signup occurs. Here's how to take advantage of this service!

Send us a Commission-Triggered Postback Pixel Request using our online form. Be sure to include:
  • Your Postback Pixel Link
  • What information you would like returned, which can include the amount of your commission
  • A test link we can use to make sure your pixel is firing correctly
Some things to keep in mind when using this Postback Pixel Service:
  • The pixel will fire each time a commission is earned on your account. At your request, we can report back the amount of the commission that was earned.
  • We can return any dynamic information to you that is sent as part of the &pccart= parameter in your tracking link.
  • Multiple pieces of information can be returned by parsing them in the &pccacct= paramter. For example, &pccart=Value1_Value2_Value3 will allow us to pass back three pieces of data.
Got questions? Come chat with us in live chat support and we'd be happy to answer them!

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