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Promote free live webcam shows
Each month, a different top model hosts a free live camshow on iFriends. Affiliates who market these free shows see an increase in both traffic and conversions.

We spotlight these shows to you in the ClickCash blog, as well as in the monthly Recommended Models to Promote email that goes straight to your inbox.

Special events such as these Customer Appreciation shows are a great way to introduce users to iFriends and entice them to join. Here are a few ways you can promote these high-converting shows:

On Social Media
Each special show has a unique link to use in your marketing. Combining this link with pictures of the model hosting the show in your Tweets, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, and other postings will encourage clicks and signups through your affilaite links.

On Your Website
Our creative team generates new banners for each show. These banners feature the date and time of the next show and spotlight the model hosting it. Placing these banners on your own website encourages the click-throughs that lead to signups.

Email Campaigns
If you manage an adult email subscription list, use our promotional materials to market this show to your subscribers. We recommend sending out an email a week ahead of the show and a followup the day before.

On Social Media
Use your iFriends viewer account to watch the show. You can live tweet the action to your followers. Giving your followers a glimpse of the action entices them to join themselves. Click Here for our simple guide to live tweeting iFriens special events shows.

On Your Website
Using our Model Spotlight banners that stream a model's live feed, you can give visitors to your site a peek at the action. These banners lead straight to the model's live session where they can join through your affiliate link.

On Social Media
Models often log into live sessions immediately following their shows, so post follow-up pictures, reviews, and more about the event. If you follow the model on social media, be sure to give her a shot-out in your messages. Models love being mentioned and will often retweet those mentions to their followers.

On Your Website
Now that you've seen a bit of what the model has to offer, you can better promote her on your site. Use images from the show, or from her fanclub, to promote her in specific niches.

Email Campaigns
Just like with your website, now that you know how the model interacts with users and a bit more of what she has to offer, you can tailor custom email campaigns to spotlight her special talents to your subscribers. Switch your links to the Model Spotlight link to send users straight to her live sessions!

The next Customer Appreciation show on iFriends will be held Thursday, August 11th and will feature SWEETNADY.

Click here to access the links, images, and HTML creative you'll need to promote this show!

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