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Celebrate 2018 with ClickCash Payouts

Happy New Year! Get ready for a successful 2018. ClickCash has profitable affiliate programs and enhanced commission tracking - so you can enjoy big payouts all year long!

ENHANCED POSTBACK PIXEL TRACKING: Affiliates promoting our Pay Per Free Signup program love our postback pixel tracking, and we've got great news! We've improved our postbacks! Now we can fire your pixel when you earn ClickCash commissions, not just for raw signups. Get more details on how to take advantage of this service.

PAY PER SIGNUP (PPS) PROGRAM: Pay Per Signup (PPS) is one of the most popular and profitable affiliate programs on ClickCash. With a minimum of $100 - and a maximum of $200 for each qualifying signup, commissions add up to huge weekly payouts. With a competative user spend threshold, converting your traffic into cash is easy!

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