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iFriends Mobile is Better than Ever!
Ramp up your mobile marketing and watch your conversions climb. iFriends has an improved mobile experience that's already leading to higher conversions and better payouts for affiliates.

Changes include:
  • Guest Chat - guests see streaming video across all sessions (uncensored in live!)
  • Video Improvements - with higher quality video streams, users stay in sessions longer
  • Audio Updates - no matter what device, all users now get crisp audio!
Use our Mobile Optimized creative or our Mobile Responsive creative to convert your mobile traffic. You can also use the text link below in your marketing or ad network links.

Market Free Cams to your Mobile Traffic!

Uncensored Landing Page Now Fully Responsive

Our Uncensored Offer landing page is one of the our performing full-page landers. But now it's even better!

Our design team has given it some TLC to make it 100% responsive across all devices. No matter what your traffic uses to surf this page, they'll get the best presentation possible!

Start Promoting This Page Today!:

More and more people are surfing for information on their smartphones, even if they have a desktop computer present. With mobile traffic taking a larger footprint in your traffic sources, it's more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly version of your site.

But that's not the only reason - Google has started indicating which sites are Mobile-Friendly in search results. As a smartphone end user, I'm more likely to click a link that I know is optimized for my device versus one that will leave me pinching, stretching, and otherwise frustratedly clicking BACK.

Admit it - this is you visiting non-mobile friendly sites on your phone

Google has dedicated a whole section of their webmaster area to helping you start to convert your site to mobile, what to think about, and even details the most common mistakes to avoid. They even have a site analysis tool that will tell you how your site looks now. It gives recommendations on the key elements to update to really maximize the mobile space.

Click Here for Google's Guide to
Making your Website Mobile-Friendly

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February 2015

There's a flurry of commissions in store for you this month! We're rolling out a new report to help you track your model recruits, as well as provide more ways that you can generate income from introducing new models to iFriends. We touch on the types of creative that work best for mobile, too. For iFriends models, we offer tips on adding more ClickCash commissions to your earnings each week. And finally, we cap it off with our sexy Model of the Month!
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