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Each month ClickCash sends you a copy of our affiliate newsletter. It includes:

  • Account Overview - details hits, paid signups, and your payouts
  • News and Promos - provides information from ClickCash to help you earn more
  • Model of the Month - a top-converting iFriends model for you to promote
Let's dive into the Account Overview and understand how the information is generated.

The Account Overview shows how your account activity is trending month-to-month. It compares your account's activity for the past 4 weeks to the previous 4 weeks. It focuses on unique hits, paid signups, and commissions. Here's an example of one affiliate's activity.

For our affiliate, this email shows the following trends:
  • Unique Hits - have decreased
  • Paid Signups - have increased!
  • Your Payment - has increased as well!
Our affiliate has found a traffic source that loves iFriends! They may have less traffic, but that traffic is converting better than before. This leads to higher payouts, and a better ROI for our affiliate.

Every affiliate receives this newsletter each month. Make sure you're receiving yours! Head over to our Email Preference Center to manage your ClickCash emails today.

When you refer models through your Model Revshare links, it's now easier than ever to see the model responsible for each payout!

To see the updated Model Revshare Details:
  • Log into ClickCash and head to your Summary Stats
  • Click to open the pay period in question, then click on the total for the RevShare line in the AMOUNT column
  • The screenname of the model who generated each RevShare commission will be displayed.
Here is a sample of how your Model Revshare detail report will appear:

Not referring models to iFriends sites through a Model Revshare link? Contact our support team to see if your eligible!

Monthly Newsletter
February 2015

There's a flurry of commissions in store for you this month! We're rolling out a new report to help you track your model recruits, as well as provide more ways that you can generate income from introducing new models to iFriends. We touch on the types of creative that work best for mobile, too. For iFriends models, we offer tips on adding more ClickCash commissions to your earnings each week. And finally, we cap it off with our sexy Model of the Month!
Read On to get your PHIL of February News!

Did you receive your copy of our Newsletter in your inbox? If not, be sure to manage your account settings by clicking this link and selecting Manage Email Preferences. Stay in the know about upcoming bonus offers, new creative and more.

This month, we spotlight ways that models and affiliates can work together to maximize their earnings. Whether you're a ClickCash affiliate looking to convert on more niches, or an iFriends model who wants more session visits, we can help! Plus we re-introduce you to our way of staying under 140 characters. Then we top it off with our exotic new Model of the Month!

... And we introduce you to this month's Model of the Month - ARABICPUSSYY

Check out the August ClickCash Affiliate Newsletter! It's time to get connected!

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