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Are you interested in marketing on Tumblr, but you're concerned that they will just close your account? Let us help you be successful with Tumblr marketing by going over some Do's and Don'ts!

Tumblr Do's
Do create a stand-alone site
Tumblr hates affiliate links (unless you are paying them!). If you link to iFriends via a tracking link, they are more likely to shut down your Tumblr account. Instead, create your own site and link to that from your Tumblr posts. Your site can have all the affiliate tracking you want.

Do link to content that is Relevant
Link to content that is related to the post you're making. If you are promoting this month's Model of the Month, link to through to a page on your site that features more about her. Use the banners that have been created, content from her fanclub, or pull her RSS Feed to populate a bio page right on your site.

Use Tumblr's Source Option on Every Post
Use Tumblr's source link option to connect to your stand-alone site every time you make a post, and put a link every image you post as well. While this will restrict you to single-picture posts, some data suggests these posts are more likely to be clicked on and retumblr'ed. This will also embed your site in the post regardless of how often it's shared, eliminating traffic leaks.

Stay Away from Videos - Use Gif's instead
Tumblr dislikes if you attempt to upload videos. Gifs will work across all devices, which is not something all embeddable HTML to play your movies can promise. Giphy will let you convert videos to animations, or you can use any other software or service you like to convert your movies.

Tell a Story in your post
Post about a model, or a session, from a viewer (or model's!) point of view. Tumblr users like stories, and will interact with and share stories that are interesting, amusing, or otherwise caught their eye.

For example, when you watch the next free Customer Appreciation show, why not write a short Tumblr blog about it, then lead to a deeper review on your site. A short teaser on your Tumblr that leads to a longer story on your site will help you convert.

Use Relevant Hashtags
We cannot stress hashtags enough. Tumblr exposure is driven by the content in your post and the hashtags you use. Don't spam a million tags just to have them. You want to feed relevant traffic through to your marketing. If people keep finding your content by hashtags that are not relevant, they'll stop clicking through and ignore your posts entirely.

Use Google Analytics Tracking
Using Google's Campaign URL builder in your posts on any social media platform back to your site will help you get more information about how users are finding your site. This will also help you identify the posts that are generating the most traffic, so you can make more of those types of posts.

Remember to connect your Socials
Be sure to connect your Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter accounts together. That way, a post to one will be seen across your various social media accounts. Experiment with this - sometimes this works great as it's a good time-saver, but it can make your linked accounts look more like spam. Find a connection that works best for you.

Tumblr Don't's
Don't use RSS Feeds
Using services like or IFTTT to populate your Tumblr is the best way to get your account closed. Why? Because Tumblr is interested in user-generated content. Using RSS Feeders will get your account closed. You can use RSS feeds to populate the pages on your site, but you'll need to either manually post (be sure to use their scheduler!) or user a service like HootSuite to cue up posts to your Tumblr.

Don't Post Affiliate Links on Tumblr
This is the second fastest way to get your Tumblr account closed. Instead of posting an affiliate link, set up your own feeder site and send the traffic from Tumblr to your site. You can populate your site with whatever affiliate links you want.

Don't Spam
Building an account that spams posts or hashtags will also cause Tumblr to close your account. It will also cause other Tumblr users to just ignore you, which is the opposite of what you're after!

Don't ignore other Tumblrs
Tumblr is a community. You'll get more traffic if you actually engage in posts and re-tumblr'ing other people's posts. Many accounts won't re-tumblr your content unless you've interacted with them first.

Start Marketing Cams with Bing Ads

Every day, millions of people use Bing and Bing-powered search engines. In fact, over 30% of US internet searches occur outside of Google! With Bing Ads, you can create ads and bid on keywords to drive adult traffic to your website or offer, at low cost. Let's get you set up for success!

Plan your Campaign
Before getting started, you'll want to plan out your budget, targeting, and your ads. Here are some ClickCash articles about building your text links, targeting niches, and writing effective text ads to help you plan your Bing strategy and tactics.

Choose your Keywords
Bing maintains a list of approved adult keywords that you can start using that don't need editorial review. At last count, there were over 65,500 keywords on this list, many related to cams. Examples include: Free Porn, XXX Video, Live Sex Chat Cams, and Phone Sex Lines.

Your Bing account manager will provide you with the list of approved keywords, but let us know if you want a sneak peak!

But, what happens when you want to target a keyword that's not on the list? Well, you'll have to request an exception—once you've added the keyword. (Keep in mind that editorial review can take from several days to several weeks.)

To start your custom keyword research you'll want to use Bing's Keyword Planner. If you happen to be savvy with Excel spreadsheets, you can also use the powerful Bing Ads Intelligence tool to dive deeper into keyword insights.

Keyword Match Types
Bing Ads will only show your ads for search queries that match your keyword exactly, including some close variations.

Example: If your keyword is [live sex chat], only searches for live sex chat will trigger your ad. Searches for live sex chat free will not trigger your ad.

While you'll get fewer impressions with Exact match, you typically enjoy a higher click-through rate (CTR). This is because only people looking for exactly what you're advertising will see your ad!

Getting Approved
Before you can start bidding on adult keywords on Bing Ads, you'll need to have an Adult Approved account. We encourage you to review these policies to ensure your ads will be in compliance. Then fill out their Adult Advertising Program Participation Form to get started!

Are you ready to get started promoting with Bing? Head over to their site to signup and get started today!

Marketing without a Website

One question new affiliates ask us is, "Do I need my own website to promote iFriends and earn with ClickCash?" The answer? No, you don't.

There are many ways that you can get your marketing links out there, generating clicks and signups and earning with ClickCash. Let's dive into some of your options!

Social Media
Social Media sites can be a great source of free or inexpensive traffic. Services like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr allow you to use keywords and hashtags to reach a wider audience. All you need is a valid email address and some time, and pretty soon you'll see traffic flowing through your links. The drawback of social media marketing is that you may need a higher volume of traffic to generate signups. You will also need to keep in mind the various policies on the different sites. Facebook is particularly strict on content. They specifically frown upon explicit content or using names that are not your real name, and will close your account if they see you doing these.

Some ways that you can generate traffic on social media accounts include:
Ad Networks
Advertising networks are a quick way to promote your ClicKCash banners and links to millions of online visitors on some of the largest adult websites in the world. These websites include some of the best known Dating, Tube, VOD (Video on Demand), and PPV (pay-per-view) portals out there.

If you've never used Ad Networks, or are looking for more information, we've got you covered. Check out our Introduction to Adult Ad Networks for more information and a list of Ad Networks to try.

Email Campaigns
Email marketing can be a great way to get your promotions to people interested in adult offers. ClickCash does allow you to include email marketing in your campaigns. There are some rules, though. Luckily, we've got them all in one convenient place.

Many of our image banners work well in email campaigns to generate clicks on your links. And when you use the best landing pages, you'll quickly turn that email list into paid commissions.

Search Engine Paid Marketing
Search engines like Bing still allow you to bid on adult keywords. Inside their control panel you can manage and analyze your campaigns. Create and optimize your text ads using some of our tips. Whether you focus on short keywords or longtail keywords, make sure to use the best Call-to-Action text and send users to our optimized landing pages.

Online Forums
Forum marketing can be a great way to generate traffic through your links. After you find the forums where you want to place your links, make sure to read over that board's policies regarding posting and marketing. Some forums do not allow affiliate marketing posts, or require that you have some volume of participation before you can post links. Before you start, we recommend checking out these 12 Forum Marketing Tips!

...Why not make a site?
Seriously. Making a site is very simple. For very little money you can purchase a great domain and get it hosted for the year. After you have your own domain, install WordPress (typically included with any hosting plan for free). We have a gallery of plugins that will take you from ho-hum to WOWZA, allowing you to build your own iFriends cobrand. You can then use all the tips above to drive traffic to your website, connect users with live models, and cash in on their signups.

In Conclusion
As you can see, there's many ways to market your ClickCash tracking link without having to have a website of your own. We're happy to chat with you about any of these suggestions! Just visit us in Live Chat Support or drop us a line. We're available 24/7 to help you out!

Redirecting your website to iFriends

Do you have a domain you'd like to redirect or forward to iFriends and get paid under our payout programs? This is typically quite simple! All you need is your ClickCash tracking link and access to your domain manager. We've provided the basic steps to do this below. If these steps don't match what you are seeing in your domain manager, let us know who your hosting company is and we'll be happy to get you a step-by-step guide for them!

  1. Log into your Account Manager
  2. Access the Domain Manager for the domain you want to redirect
  3. Click Forward and then select Forwarding Domains
  4. Click Add Forwarding
  5. Enter the URL you want to forward your domain name to
  6. Select your Redirect Type (either Permanent or Temporary - we recommend Permanent)
  7. Select your Forward Settings
  8. Click ADD then SAVE
Adding a foward to your domain can take upwards of 30 minutes to resolve. Once it kicks in, every person who goes to your domain will end up at iFriends via your link. Every page on iFriends can be a destination page for your traffic, allowing you to better monetize on niche traffic you're generating. Our Link Builder can help you identify our top converting pages and provide you with the ClickCash tracking link to use in your domain forwarding.

There are great benefits to forwarding your domain through your tracking link. They include:
  • Select any payout program for your traffic. You can choose between RevShare, Email Lead, Pay Per Signup, or Pay Per Free Signup programs.
  • Change your lander at any time. You're in total control!
  • Customize your lander to fit your niche. Send MILF domains to a MILF live cam listing, and Fetish domains to iFriends fetish cams.
  • You don't have to spend hours building a domain, or changing out links.
  • Undo it at any time.
Looking for a specific type of landing page and not finding it, or need more help? Let us know what you're looking for and we can make sure you're using the best links!

Get more out of your Social Media Marketing

When you are using Twitter to generate new leads, you know the more eyes you can get on your Tweets the better. Everyone wants to know how to get users from Twitter to click on their links and signup for an iFriends account. It can take a lot of work and effort to generate even one signup.

Moz Blog invoted Tara Reed to discuss ways to increase your leads originating from your Tweets. With her three-step process, you can squeeze a lot more traffic out of your Twitter feeds and make yourself a glass of ClickCash commissions!

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