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Redirecting your website to iFriends

Do you have a domain you'd like to redirect or forward to iFriends and get paid under our payout programs? This is typically quite simple! All you need is your ClickCash tracking link and access to your domain manager. We've provided the basic steps to do this below. If these steps don't match what you are seeing in your domain manager, let us know who your hosting company is and we'll be happy to get you a step-by-step guide for them!

  1. Log into your Account Manager
  2. Access the Domain Manager for the domain you want to redirect
  3. Click Forward and then select Forwarding Domains
  4. Click Add Forwarding
  5. Enter the URL you want to forward your domain name to
  6. Select your Redirect Type (either Permanent or Temporary - we recommend Permanent)
  7. Select your Forward Settings
  8. Click ADD then SAVE
Adding a foward to your domain can take upwards of 30 minutes to resolve. Once it kicks in, every person who goes to your domain will end up at iFriends via your link. Every page on iFriends can be a destination page for your traffic, allowing you to better monetize on niche traffic you're generating. Our Link Builder can help you identify our top converting pages and provide you with the ClickCash tracking link to use in your domain forwarding.

There are great benefits to forwarding your domain through your tracking link. They include:
  • Select any payout program for your traffic. You can choose between RevShare, Email Lead, Pay Per Signup, or Pay Per Free Signup programs.
  • Change your lander at any time. You're in total control!
  • Customize your lander to fit your niche. Send MILF domains to a MILF live cam listing, and Fetish domains to iFriends fetish cams.
  • You don't have to spend hours building a domain, or changing out links.
  • Undo it at any time.
Looking for a specific type of landing page and not finding it, or need more help? Let us know what you're looking for and we can make sure you're using the best links!

Get more out of your Social Media Marketing

When you are using Twitter to generate new leads, you know the more eyes you can get on your Tweets the better. Everyone wants to know how to get users from Twitter to click on their links and signup for an iFriends account. It can take a lot of work and effort to generate even one signup.

Moz Blog invoted Tara Reed to discuss ways to increase your leads originating from your Tweets. With her three-step process, you can squeeze a lot more traffic out of your Twitter feeds and make yourself a glass of ClickCash commissions!

As Google says, a great ad today may not always be a great ad tomorrow. You should continue to test your ads and optimize them for the best results. In this new video from Google, they discuss:

  • Prioritizing your creative optimization efforts
  • Setting up reasonable tests
  • Verifying that you're using the correct ad rotation setting
Whether you're an old pro at AdWords or just dipping your toes in the text ad waters, there's lots of good information in this short video.

Do you have any questions about any of the topics covered in this video? Ask in the comments!

Are you looking for alternatives to traditional marketing techniques? You might already be familiar with blogs, gallery posts, and organic search. But what do you know about Adult Advertising Networks?

About Adult Advertising Networks
Advertising networks are a quick way to promote your ClickCash banners and links to millions of online visitors on some of the largest adult websites in the world. These websites include some of the best known Dating, Tube, VOD (video on demand), and PPV (pay-per-view) portals out there. And ClickCash banners and animations work well on most of these sites. That's because ClickCash uses banner standards supported by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). These standards are used throughout the media and marketing industry.

Audience Targeting
On ad networks, you define your target audience. You can show ads to people interested in a specific niche or fetish. And you can target users by channel or devices (web/mobile/tablet), geo-location, categories, keywords, and more.

Some networks allow you to really drill down and define your user targeting. For example, you can target mobile users on WIFI, where a high speed internet connection and access to high bandwidth content is necessary to make a sale. You can also target users by mobile carrier. If you prefer to exclude mobile prepay users and only target users who own premium phones and connections on AT&T and Verizon, you can do that, too.

Budget & Rates
When it comes to budgeting, you determine how much you're willing to spend by setting a budget per day, per month, or per campaign. You pay only when someone sees your banner (CPM) or when they click on your ad (CPC). Some networks even allow you to pay a flat rate for a fixed amount of time, like a week or month of advertising.

To give your affilaite traffic a big boost, check out some of the most popular ad networks on our Ad Networks Page!

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. There's an estimated 47 million people using Pinterest. While the audience is primarially female, the percentage of male users is increasing. Like Tumblr, users share and re-share images (called re-pinning). Other users find your content based on descriptions you use. While sharing pre-existing pins is easy, adding your own is a little more challenging. In 4 steps, though, you can be up and running!

Step 1: Create a New Board
When you log into your Pinterest account, click on your account name in the upper righthand corner. This will bring you to your pin overview. One of the options here is Create a Board. Click this link and enter your board's name, title, and category. Marking the board "Secret" means only you can see it. You can invite other people to add more content to your board by listing them as collaborators. Click CREATE to make your board.

Step 2: Add your Content
Access your new board. You'll see an option to Search for Pins that you want to save. You'll also notice a small + in the lower right. Clicking this will give you the Add Content menu. Here you can either
  • Upload a Pin, adding content from your computer
  • Pin from a Website, linking to a picture that is already online.
We recommend downloading content and adding it to your board. You can use either one of our image promos or Model Spotlight content.

Step 3: Describe your Content
Here you'll add the description to the image you are uploading. Describe what's going on in the picture. Your description will drive the keywords that allow users to find your content. We suggest adding your ClickCash tracking link to the end. Then click the board you want to add the image to (we selected our iFriends Top Models board). If you've linked your Instagram to your Twitter, you can click to cross-post.

Step 4: Correcting Any Errors & Adding Click-Through
Did you make a typo in your description or link code? It's an easy fix. Mouse-over the image you just added and you'll see three buttons appear on top of it. Click the pencil icon to edit the settings for the image. Now you can change it to a new board, correct any typo's, and add any descriptive words. We'd recommend populating the WEBSITE field with your ClickCash tracking link. This will make the image clickable through your link and add a Visit button to the image. Once you're done, click Save.

Pretty easy, right? Get started by following the ClickCash Pinterest account. You'll be able to re-pin our posts with your own ClickCash tracking links!

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