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Many affiliates are migrating their existing sites from HTTP to HTTPS to satisfy new requirements set forth by search engines and browsers such as Chrome. The easiest way to be in compliance, and not incur any negative ranking by search engines, is to migrate the entire site to HTTPS from HTTP.

The code for our promo tools was originally available as HTTP. All promos are now available as HTTPS iFrames and embeds! If you have existing ClickCash promos on your site, simply update the iFrame or A-Href calls from HTTP to HTTPS. Or you can go back to the promo to get the updated link syntax for your site.

Need help updating your link code or finding a promo in our creative library? We're here to help! Just visit us in Live Chat Support or drop us a line with the link to the existing promo and we can help you lock it down!

iFriends had some work done! iFriends programmers have been busy working on updates to make the user experience better. This means better conversions for you when you send your traffic directly to iFriends. Viewers and models have been kicking the tires on the new format for a while. Now the updated experience is available to everyone.

Check out the improved iFriends!

What are some of the improvements that users are experiencing on the new iFriends?

Fastier, Sexier!
A modern look and feel meets the familiar and intuitive experience iFriends viewers love. iFriends is now faster and reliable on even more devices.
iFriends looks better than ever across all devices
iFriends looks better than ever across all devices

Adapts to the User
The same great landing pages and features visually adapt to the user's device - on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers.

Redeem Gift Cards
Users can now redeem store-brand gift cards for free videochat more easily than before. Funds are added to the user's Wallet and can be spent at any time, leading to faster payouts on your PPES and RevShare commissions.

Save time, then go private
Users can peek at the price to take a model private before they enter free chat. This saves them time and helps them find the perfect match for their budget.

Do more with slideshows
Users can now go from single photos to entire collections with one swipe. They can rate videos and photos, and leave comments, all from one convenient place.

Go back in time, anytime
Positive changes take some getting used to. Luckily, users can switch between new and classic iFriends from the site footer with a single click.

We'd made it easier than ever to download image creative to use in your marketing. Each image banner now has a link beneath it that reads "Download this Banner".

Here's how it looks for one of our favorite promos....

Clicking this link in Chrome will download the banner to your default downloads directory. In FireFox and MSIE, it will open in a new window. This will allow you to save it to your favorite location on your computer.

We've introduced a new way for our blog readers to quickly find the information they're looking for in previous blog posts. With our new Tag Cloud, you'll be able to click on a tag and find all the blog posts on that topic.

You'll notice that some of the words are bigger, or bolder. That means there are more posts on that topic in our blog.

Is there a feature you'd like to see added to our blog, or any aspect of the ClickCash site? We're all ears! Visit us in Live Chat Support or drop us a line with your suggestions.

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