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Redirecting your website to iFriends

Do you have a domain you'd like to redirect or forward to iFriends and get paid under our payout programs? This is typically quite simple! All you need is your ClickCash tracking link and access to your domain manager. We've provided the basic steps to do this below. If these steps don't match what you are seeing in your domain manager, let us know who your hosting company is and we'll be happy to get you a step-by-step guide for them!

  1. Log into your Account Manager
  2. Access the Domain Manager for the domain you want to redirect
  3. Click Forward and then select Forwarding Domains
  4. Click Add Forwarding
  5. Enter the URL you want to forward your domain name to
  6. Select your Redirect Type (either Permanent or Temporary - we recommend Permanent)
  7. Select your Forward Settings
  8. Click ADD then SAVE
Adding a foward to your domain can take upwards of 30 minutes to resolve. Once it kicks in, every person who goes to your domain will end up at iFriends via your link. Every page on iFriends can be a destination page for your traffic, allowing you to better monetize on niche traffic you're generating. Our Link Builder can help you identify our top converting pages and provide you with the ClickCash tracking link to use in your domain forwarding.

There are great benefits to forwarding your domain through your tracking link. They include:
  • Select any payout program for your traffic. You can choose between RevShare, Email Lead, Pay Per Signup, or Pay Per Free Signup programs.
  • Change your lander at any time. You're in total control!
  • Customize your lander to fit your niche. Send MILF domains to a MILF live cam listing, and Fetish domains to iFriends fetish cams.
  • You don't have to spend hours building a domain, or changing out links.
  • Undo it at any time.
Looking for a specific type of landing page and not finding it, or need more help? Let us know what you're looking for and we can make sure you're using the best links!

How to build your ClickCash affiliate text links

ClickCash supports both banner ads (like our HTML, Flash, and Image creative) as well as text links. Text links can be a wonderful addition to your marketing. They allow you more customization, allowing your marketing to appear more seamless. And they're automatically responsive for mobile, tablet, and PC marketing!

Places to Use Text Links
  • Ad Network Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • As links in blog articles on your site
  • Link exchanges
  • Email marketing
  • Header/Footer/Menu links on your site
  • Domain redirections
  • ...and many more places!
Text links give you a degree of flexibility and unabtrusiveness that you may not have with traditional banner marketing.

Creating a ClickCash Text Link
Any page on iFriends can be turned into a ClickCash text link. Here's how to do it:
  1. Visit the iFriends page you want to use as the destination for the link.
  2. Copy the URL of the page.
  3. Visit our Custom Text Link Builder.
  4. In the Destination Page pull down, pick "Select your own destination page".
  5. Paste the iFriends URL into the text box.
  6. Click "Get the Text Link"
Our Custom Text Link Builder will generate your commission-tracking URL for you!

ClickCash also offers a gallery of full-page landers that can be used either in text links or in domain redirects.

Looking for a specific type of landing page and not finding it? Let us know! We'd be happy to get our design team to work building you the pages you need!

Refer your friends to ClickCash today!
Everything's better when you do it with friends. Recruit your friends to ClickCash and you'll earn big! You receive 10% Revshare on all commissions generated by your recruits. For. Life!

So... you earn when you help your friends earn with ClickCash! And we've made it easier than ever to get them to signup.

Our new referral tool gives you three ways to get your links in front of your friends and followers. From one page you can:

  • Share your referral text link
  • Email your link to your friends right from our site
  • Get social by sharing your link on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
Start recruiting your friends today! Keep in mind you also earn when your recruits refer new affiliates, too. Your 10% override includes ALL of their earnings, including earnings from their downline.

If you're looking for banners, you can find them all here!

Convert your niche webcam traffic

When you generate traffic, many affiliates find success in targeting different cam niches. Niched traffic may be lower in volume but it tends to be higher in conversions and payouts. Even the most targeted traffic will fail if the destination does not satisfy the user.

That's where we come in.

We've taken the guesswork out of where to send your traffic. We've matched popular niches with the best converting landing pages. Want text links Ad Networks campaigns? Prefer HTML/Image creative for your site? Just check the grid below!

Clicking the links under "Send them to..." will take you to the best landing page for that niche on iFriends. Log into your ClickCash account and they will be pre-populated with your account code.

If your traffic wants... Send them to... ClickCash Promos
Top Cam Girls Award Winners
Hottest Cam Girls
Get Promos
Free Cams All Free Live Cams Get Promos
Big Boobs on Cam Busty Cam Girls Get Promos
MILF Cams iFriends MILF's Get Promos
Fetish/BDSM Cams
iFriends Fetish Cams
Get Promos
Gay Cams Guys on Cam Get Promos
Transgender Cams iFriends Transgender Cams Get Promos
Phone Sex Cam Girls who do Phone Sex Get Promos
Tube/Videos iFriends Video Gallery Get Promos

Converting traffic may be challenging, but are you inadvertantly sabatoging your own campaigns? We've got your traffic check! Make sure you're incorporating these 5 simple steps to truly maximize your earnings. Turn more clicks into cash.

  1. Know your Product - Get to know iFriends. Enjoy a cam show (there's a free show with a top converting model every month!) or check out other services provided by iFriends models like phone sex, high def clips, membership clubs, and more. The more you know about iFriends, the better your marketing will be.

  2. Know your Audience - You know what turns your traffic on - it's in the keywords they used to find you. Make sure you connect them immediately with what they're after. Send them to the page that features the content they're after and they'll be joining in no time.

  3. Know your Niche - Going after those long-tail searches can pay off big: the better you are at linking those users to the specific type of model they're after, the faster they'll be putting money in your pocket. While deeper niches generate less traffic, that traffic converts in much higher numbers. Do your research, learn the lingo, and you'll see a definite return on your traffic. Our dynamic creative and full page landers are customizable to spotlight any niche and help you convert those clicks into cash.

  4. Know who Converts - Connecting users immediately with a live cam model tends to convert better than sending them to a landing page. Our Model Spotlight page updates weekly to display top converting models, as does the iFriends Award Winner page, too.

  5. Know your Stats - When you use our campaign manager, your Real-Time Stats gives you up-to-the minute information about which campaigns are converting and which might need some TLC.
Your Affiliate Representative is always availale to help you analyze your traffic and stats, as well as recommend updates that will get you a better ROI. Make some time to chat with them today!

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