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ClickCash Milestones: Celebrating 22 Years!

A Brief History: ClickCash opened its doors in 1996 as the first adult affiliate program. Originally paying two-cents per click, ClickCash now offers a robust selection of payout programs to suit every affiliate's needs. Our creative gallery offers everything from traditional image banners to WordPress plugins, RSS/XML dynamic feeds, full page hosted landers, responsive creative, and everything in between.

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1996: ClickCash Opens its Doors

ClickCash Opens its Doors

Paying out 2-cents per click, ClickCash pays affiliates sending traffic to Amateurs.com and a handful of other sites. By 1997, ClickCash introduces VOD site FastPorn - with a popular section featuring Sorority Girls broadcasting live on cam from their dorm rooms.

In 1996, it's estimated that there's approximately 100,000 websites on the Net


1998: ClickCash Introduces iFriends


ClickCash Introduces iFriends

ClickCash introduces affiliates to iFriends, the internet's first site dedicated to live webcam streaming. Paying out $40 per signup, iFriends becomes the top-converting website for affiliates.

As of 1998, 50 million people are now using the internet from home.

2000: New Affiliate Bonuses

New Affiliates Receive Bonuses

ClickCash offers affiliates an unheard-of $50 just for joining the program. Signup bonuses are still paid out today!

ClickCash adds SafeSexPlus to its site list. Affiliates now earn commissions for selling internet-connected and remotely-controlled sex toys.

We all survived the Y2K bug. Phew!


2006: ClickCash Turns 10!


ClickCash Turns 10

ClickCash celebrates a decade of paying affiliates weekly uninterrupted commissions. ClickCash increases affiliate earnings with higher commissions and revamped landing pages.

The variety of ads available to affiliates now includes HTML and Flash creative, all hosted by ClickCash. New ads launch weekly for affiliates to promote - a practice that continues today.

Twitter launches, causing marketers to go on a 140 character diet.

2008: White Labels Introduced

Introducing White Labels

ClickCash webmasters can now operate their own white-label cam site. White labels enjoy the same payout rates any other site on the ClickCash network.

ClickCash also introduces a monthly newsletter, keeping affiliates in the know about bonuses, new promotions, and more.

Google's index reaches 1 Trillian URL's - how much of that is porn?


2009: Domain Parking


Park your Domains

ClickCash releases the industry's first domain parking program, allowing affiliates to earn revenue through their parked domains.

ClickCash offers affiliates electronic payments, and launches an online forum to foster knowledge and community among affiliates.

Facebook now has 200 Million users posting pictures of their food and cats.

2010: Expanded Payout Programs

Expanded Payout Programs

ClickCash introduces Pay Per Signup, Lifetime Revenue Sharing, and Model Referral payout programs. These programs join Pay Per Free Signup and Lifetime Affiliate Revshare payouts.

ClickCash begins paying affiliates for email signups through the Pay Per Email Lead Signup program.

Forget the smartphone: Apple unveils the iPad beginning the era of the tablet.


2011: Prepaid Cards, ACH & RSS Feeds


Prepaid Cards, ACH, and RSS Feeds

ClickCash supports payments via Direct Deposit and Prepaid MasterCard, making it easier than ever for affiliates to get paid electronically.

ClickCash adds dynamic RSS and XML feeds to the affiliate toolbox, allowing webmasters to display live data on their sites. These feeds spotlight webcam models and send users directly to a model's live cam show.

Another whippersnapper hits double-digits: Wikipedia turns 10! They grow up so fast.

2012: More Support, More Promos, More Countries

More Support, More Promos, More Countries

ClickCash launches live chat support to better serve affiliates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ClickCash introduces mobile-optimized ads. More countries are also added to the paid email lead program, generating more revenue for affiliates.

55% of American adults are now using their cellphones to go online. How early did you optimize for mobile traffic?


2013: Blog Plugins and Landing Pages


Blog Plugins and Landing Pages

ClickCash unveils WordPress plugins, allowing affiliates to pull live content to their site or blog.

Hosted full-page landers are also released. These landing pages can be customized by niche for improved conversions.

After years of wondering how your kindle could possibly take down a 747, airlines now allow you to keep using your electronic gadgets - as long as they are in airplane mode.

2014: Bigger Bonuses for Affiliates

Bigger Bonuses for Affiliates

ClickCash celebrates 18 years with bigger affiliate payouts, Beat Your Average bonuses, expanded live support hours, live online events, and promotions keep affiliates productive and earning.

Customer Appreciation Shows on iFriends convert better than 1:50. Are you marketing them?


2015: Still Writing History


Still Writing History

For the 19th anniversary, ClickCash improved the stats pages and promo navigation so affiliates spend less time managing campaigns and more time earning commissions.

Instagram exploded this year, exceeding 400 million monthly active users. It became so big we just refer to it as IG now.

2016: Celebrating the Big 2-0

2016: Celebrating the Big 2-0

For the BIG 2-0 ClickCash supported JSON feeds, new niche pages, hooked up with ad networks to increase affiliate traffic, and a bevy of other improvements you'll just have to log in to see.


2018: Our 22nd Anniversary


2018: Our 22nd Anniversary

Lasting longer than your average Hollywood marriage, ClickCash turns 22 with expanded tools such as post-back pixels, better campaign management, and a variety of responsive dynamic iFrames.