The Problem with Spam

At ClickCash, we are occasionally asked the question, "Why do you take such a strong zero-tolerance anti-spam position,when others in the industry assert that a more laissez-faire attitude should prevail?"

The answer is simple, and can be expressed in just one word: Children.

When adults receive spam, it may well be annoying, but spam is hardly more annoying than waiting for four beer commercials to end so we can get back to watching the football game. So, whether we're channel-flipping between TV commercials or repeatedly hitting the 'delete' key on our keyboard, dealing with annoying advertisements is easy for adults, and is a very small price to pay for enjoying free television or free websites on the internet.

But in the wrong hands, spam can exact a steeper price. The problem with spam is that it is inherently indiscriminate; not only may adults be among the recipients, but so too may children. Spammers usually have no way of determining whether "" is 18 or 81 (or twelve). And there's no "email V-chip" yet available for PCs that parents can install in their email clients to screen out sensitive or objectionable spam. In our view, it matters not whether the product or service marketed through spam is gambling, adult content, multi-level marketing schemes, or the season-ending episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants, the problem with spam is that the spammer cannot guarantee that all recipients will be adults over the age of 18.

That's why ClickCash does not tolerate, or harbor, spammers. Responsible online services do not tolerate spam, period. (And, after all, since kids don't have credit cards, there is no value in marketing online commercial products or services to them anyway).

Let there be no mistake -- In ClickCash's view, there is no more lower a life form on the face of the earth than the spammer who markets adults-only services to our nation's children. To paraphrase from a recent Dilbert cartoon, "If crud wore shoes, a spammer would be lower than the crud on the crud's shoes". In our own words, the porn spammer is the scourge of the scourges... the lowest of the low.

How to report spam to us: Email the full text of the spam, including subject line plus all headers (if available), to abuse @ clickcash.