Determine Trackable URL

Set the "URL=" parameter in the ClickCash link:

Quick Tip: How to determine the 'URL=' value for any page on iFriends
Quick Tip: How to identify hosts to use in your own iFriends promotions

How to determine the 'URL=' value for any page on iFriends:

Each page on iFriends is able to be used as the destination for your click-through traffic. Just copy the URL value from your browser's address bar. That is the value for the old-style &URL= link codes.

Linking to any iFriends page is much easier than that. Simply copy the URL of any page on iFriends and use our Link Builder to build your custom tracking link.

How to identify webcam models to use in your own iFriends promotions:

Because a few of the models at iFriends are shy girl-next-door and boy-next-door types, they do not want their likenesses splashed all over the web, where friends and family might see them. However, those are the exception. The majority of chathosts view iFriends as a reputable, clean and "well-lit" establishment with which they are comfortable being associated, and do not keep iFriends a secret from their loved ones. Moreover, they welcome the additional exposure and traffic that you can bring them when you use their iFriends screenname and likeness in your promotions. It is these chathosts that you are free to use in ClickCash.

It's easy to identify which chathosts you are free to use in ClickCash. Just follow this link to see a listing of all iFriends models who currently do not have any privacy block zones in place.

Alternatively, you can check out the ClickCash Model Spotlight utility for a listing of top converting models!