ClickCash Connection - October 2014

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Welcome to the latest edition of the monthly affiliate newsletter!

We're filling your stein with news this month. We announce expanded functionality to a ClickCash tool popular with our affiliates. In addition, we introduce you to a new way to reach an audience you may not have been able to tap into before. We take a moment to toot our own horn a bit before describing the ways that Customer Appreciation shows benefit models and affiliates alike. Finally, we introduce you to our new iFriends Model of the Month.

It’s time to get connected!

Tool of the Month
ClickCash is happy to announce that we've expanded the functionality of our URL Shortener. With the inclusion of both the ClickCash Webmaster and Model Referral programs, you can now send your traffic through to iFriends or ClickCash using all of our payout program links!

Whether you're promoting on Twitter, Tumblr, email, your blog, or anywhere else a shortened URL is necessary, we've got you covered!

Maximize traffic through all of our payout programs using the URL Shortener today.

Increase Traffic
Make your site visitors part of your marketing team, and have them help generate more traffic through your ClickCash links. It's as simple as lock-share-unlock.

If you are using a WordPress-powered site, a WordPress content locker should be in your marketing toolbox. With WordPress Content Lockers, you can generate more exposure to your links by users taking actions to unlock content on your site. Here's how it would work:
  • Find terrific content (like some sizzling HD content from iFriends) to offer visitors to your site.
  • Lock that content behind a content locker.
  • To unlock the content, the user must share a specific link - such as your ClickCash tracking link.
  • Once they've shared your link, the content is unlocked.
In this way, your link is exposed to an audience you may not have otherwise reached. Expand your marketing exposure by utilizing the users who you've worked so hard to draw to your site!

You can search through this gallery of WordPress Lockers to find the best one for your site.

Notes from ClickCash
Have you recently had an issue that was resolved immediately by our support team via Live Chat? Whether you need help remembering your password, updates to your payee information, or have questions about our latest promos and offers, our Support Team is ready and able to assist you.

But don't take our word for how great our team is at helping affiliates and models navigate ClickCash waters. Here's what some of your fellow affiliates have had to say about their experience with our live chat support representatives:

Very, very quick service, would recommend to anyone.

Excellent customer support and efficient, capable assistance!

Customer support was outstanding, and went above and beyond to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend ClickCash to others.

You did perfect. The staff seemed pretty friendly. Thank you!

Your representative was awesome in helping me with how ClickCash works and answered all my questions so I could understand (I'm no genius with computers lol!).

ClickCash for Webcam Models
This is part of a bi–monthly section dedicated to helping Models maximize their earnings with ClickCash. If you have specific questions, just let us know and maybe your question will be the subject of our next feature!

Each month, a different iFriends model offers a free Customer Appreciation show for iFriends members. If you are looking to receive additional attention and exposure by our ClickCash affiliates, we would recommend contacting iFriends to see if you are eligible to offer a Customer Appreciation show.

Some of the benefits models enjoy from offering these shows include:

Find out more about hosting your own Customer appreciation show today - just head over to the Model Control Center and click on Promotional Opportunities. If you are logged into your iFriends model account, just click here!

Webcam Model Spotlight
iFriends Model of the Month SWEETORCHID

SWEETORCHID is a sweet and sassy brunette who is like a glass of fine wine or good whiskey - she's gotten better with age! She can be a sweet angel or a seductive devil, and caters to every member's wants and desires.

Check out her Model of the Month feature on iFriends, or visit her Model Spotlight Page for banners, HD photos, text links, and Social Media tools to promote SWEETORCHID in your marketing.