ClickCash Connection - November 2014

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Welcome to the latest edition of the monthly affiliate newsletter!

Make no bones about it, we've got a cornucopia of news for you this month! We've updated one of our highest converting promos to produce even better for you. We ask you to weigh in on a poll on new marketing tools. We pander for your votes in the GFY Awards, and give you the 411 on how to tell if that domain you're about to buy is really worth it. Finally, we introduce you to our new iFriends Model of the Month.

It’s time to get connected!

Tool of the Month
Our most popular, and best converting, promos are those that spotlight iFriends models. When you add in the functionality to display feed directly from the live session, you can understand why conversions are always tops on these promos. In most of these banners, you can spotlight a specific model when they are online. When the model is offline, the banner would select a random model to display.

But if you're marketing just one specific model (or have gallery pages that spotlight unique models), this doesn't work for you. Enter the update to our highest converting live feed banner!

Now when you specify a model's screenname in the &pclub= parameter, that model's feed will display. If the model is offline, their profile picture will appear in place of the video, with a link straight to the model's fanclub.

Model is Online

Model is Offline

If you are an iFriends model, you can use this creative, too, and it can generate 100% customers for you! You can even turn off the "My Sexy Friends" section and fill that part of the banner with more pictures from your fanclub. Let us know you want to use it and we'll help you with the code!

Increase Traffic
Are you an email marketer who is looking to promote iFriends to your network? As long as your emails comply with our T&C and are CAN-SPAM compliant, you are welcome to use email to promote your ClickCash links.

Targeted email campaigns can be a great way to generate new leads and bring old customers back to reap the PPS or RevShare bounty for their original signup.

We are working to expand our marketing content for affiliates, and would like your input! If you are an email marketer, would you prefer to craft your own marketing message, or start with a template provided by ClickCash? Let us know if you would like ClickCash to provide email-specific marketing materials by using our contact form today!

Notes from ClickCash
ClickCash and iFriends need your help to be nominated for the 2015 GFY Awards! By logging into your existing GFY account, you can nominate:

  • iFriends for Best Live Cam Company
  • ClickCash for Best Affiliate Program
  • ClickCashEmily for Best Company Rep on GFY (because she really is!)
You may nominate up to 3 people/companies per category. Nominations are accepted only from registered members of the forum. You must use their online tool to make your voice heard.

The deadline for this nonination period is Friday, November 21st. Make sure to Vote Today!

ClickCash 101
This is part of a bi–monthly section dedicated to helping new affiliates maximize their earnings with ClickCash. If you have specific questions, just let us know and maybe your question will be the subject of our next feature!

When you are starting out, you may notice that all the domain names that you come up with already belong to someone else. Before you buy that great domain name you have to have, you should make sure the current owner has not engaged in practices which may have earned it a bad reputation on the search engines. Matt Cutts describes some basic ways you can do your research - with a quick Google search plus a visit to the Web Archive, you can make sure you're getting a domain that's worth using.

Webcam Model Spotlight
Meet featured iFriends model DANCEOFHEAVEN!

If you are looking for a striking brunette for your marketing, look no further than DANCEOFHEAVEN. She's sweet and sassy, and can go from a doll to a spoiled brat in a minute. Her life beats 50 Shades of Grey any day of the week. DANCEOFHEAVEN is a natural born stripper who has got moves and moans users have never seen before.

Check out her Model of the Month feature on iFriends, or visit her Model Spotlight Page for banners, HD photos, text links, and Social Media tools to promote DANCEOFHEAVEN in your marketing.