ClickCash Connection - January 2015

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Welcome to the latest edition of the monthly affiliate newsletter!

We're starting off 2015 with a bang! Whether you're looking for new niche banners for your Latina-seeking traffic, or if you want to incorporate more dynamic, live action into your marketing, we've got the promos you're after. We also offer perhaps the best advice possible for new affiliates. And we cap it all off by starting 2015 off right - with a stunning Model of the Month from iFriends to convert those clickers into commissions!

It’s time to get connected!

Tool of the Month
One of the most popular, highest converting webcam categories are the sizzling hot Latinas of iFriends. Whether you're targeting users in the more than 21 Spanish-speaking countries, or looking to connect users who love the curves that only Latinas can deliver, we've got you covered!

Our creative team has updated our gallery of Latina cams marketing this month with a new array of banners to convert your traffic into ClickCash commissions.

Send your traffic directly to the live Latinas hosting on iFriends using this link:

Use these high-converting banners to convert your traffic! Click on the banner to grab the full linking code, or save the banner and link to the live browse page above.

Banner Size: 728x90 - Shown Reduced

Banner Size: 468x60

Banner Size: 300x250

Increase Traffic
Month after month, affiliates are converting their traffic using dynamic creative. Whether it's our promos that feature listings of current live models, or banners that stream live video from current iFriends sessions, these interactive LIVE banners maximize their traffic into high ClickCash payouts.

Our Live Grid Creative can be customized to fit not only any niche you're marketing, but any ad space on your site. Each one can be customized for the specific height and width you need, and to spotlight the specific niche you want. For example, our top converting promo (shown below) has default settings of a grid of 4x2, you can easily make this take a full page ad, or run down the side of your page as 160x600 or taller.

Our Top Converting Dynamic Live Grid

If you prefer to spotlight live streaming video, our Live Streaming Banners feature video directly from live iFriends sessions. Clicking on the feed takes the user directly to that model's room, where he or she will help convert the sale for you. The promo we spotlighted in our November newsletter is currently converting the highest for our affiliates, as you can specify a unique model to feature in the promo. This helps you maximize on marketing our more popular models, as this promo can be customized to spotlight only them!

Our Top Converting Live Feed Promo

As always, if you would like assistance in customizing our live dynamic banners for size or niche, just let us know and we'd be happy to help you get going!

Notes from ClickCash
The end of 2014 means that ClickCash will be sending out 1099 documents to US-based affiliates at the end of the month. We invite you to take a moment to ensure that we have the proper address on file for your account. This will help ensure that you receive your 1099 without delay.

To qualify for a 1099, you must be a US-based affiliate who generated $600 or more in earnings in 2014.

You can verify your account information by logging into your account and clicking the "Update Account" link.

ClickCash 101
This is part of a bi–monthly section dedicated to helping new affiliates maximize their earnings with ClickCash. If you have specific questions, just let us know and maybe your question will be the subject of our next feature!

As a new affiliate, it's normal to want to see results immediately. With all the money that other people are making marketing adult sites, surely it's as simple as putting up a link and cashing checks, right?

The most important skill any affiliate - whether they are new or old hat - can have to be successful is Patience. Here are ways that Patience directly contributes to your success with ClickCash.

Patience through Planning - Review your site with objective eyes. Is it simple, or complex? Will users follow your Call to Actions immediately, or do they get lost amid possibly too many other choices they could make?

Patience through Research - What are your competitors doing? How's their SEO? Are they targeting some of the same high-value keywords that you are? Are there long-tail keywords you can maximize on? Where exactly is your traffic coming from, and what are they looking for? Are you giving it to them?

Patience through Testing - Does blue work better on your pages, or bright pink? Are you using the best link + landing page combinations? Is your promo creative converting, or is there other marketing material in our creative library you can utilize that will monetize your traffic better?

Webcam Model Spotlight
Meet featured iFriends model DANIELLELOVE!

DANIELLELOVE is a fiery brunette with a heart-shaped ass. She's a seductive tease who keeps users entertained during long private iFriends sessions. DANIELLELOVE is an award-winning iFriends host, winning Best Hardcore, Best Submissive, and Best Oral (among others) as voted by iFriends members.

Check out her Model of the Month feature on iFriends, or visit her Model Spotlight Page for banners, HD photos, text links, and Social Media tools to promote DANIELLELOVE in your marketing.