ClickCash Connection - April 2015

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Welcome to the latest edition of the monthly affiliate newsletter!

We're starting off Spring in high gear with new reports, new landing pages, and a new model to promote. This month we spotlight our recently updated Campaign Tracking report which gives you more information about your model referrals. We also bring you two new landing pages for your safe-for-work traffic. If business conventions are your thing, we tell you where you can meet ClickCash affiliate reps in Miami. And we spotlight our new Model of the Month.

It’s time to get connected!

Tool of the Month
Our Track by Art/Promo ID Campaign Report has been updated to give you more information about your Model Referral traffic. When you are using our Model Referral links and using the &pccart= parameter to track your campaigns, this report will tell you how many model signups each campaign generated.

You can use this updated report in conjunction with our Model Referral Report to see which campaigns are producing models who are generating commissions for you.

Example of ClickCash Affiliate Model Referral Stats

Use the Model Referral tracking link below to refer new models to iFriends. Replace the CAMPAIGN_ID value for your unique campaign information!

Increase Traffic
Affiliates often ask if we have Safe-For-Work landers they can use in promoting the iFriends service. Our creative team has answered the call and has offered up two unique pages for you to use for your dating, connection, and otherwise safe-for-work traffic.

Both pages click through directly to the iFriends safe for work signup form. You can use these pages to generate traffic through any of our Payout Programs.

Example of Landing Page 1, shown reduced - click to see full page
Your tracking link for this page:

Example of Landing Page 2, shown reduced - click to see full page
Your tracking link for this page:

Send traffic to either of these pages (or both!) using any of our payout programs by updating the &pccsvc= parameter to reflect the program you want to use. You can also set up campaigns for each of these pages by updating the &pccart= parameter with a campaign identifier.

Notes from ClickCash
What are you doing June 1st-4th? If you're not going to be at the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach for XBiz Miami, you are missing out!

If your plans take you to South Beach for this convention, we'd love to meet you! ClickCash reps will be attending XBiz Miami and are looking forward to sitting down with our affiliates. Let us know when you'll be there, and we'll set up an appointment to meet.

Meeting with ClickCash affiliate managers isn't the only reason to attend XBiz Miami. It's a wonderful opportunity to network with other affiliates, meet industry leaders, and enjoy all that Miami's famed South Beach has to offer.

For more details, registration, and more, head over to the XBiz Miami site. See you there!

ClickCash for Webcam Models
This is part of a bi–monthly section dedicated to helping Models maximize their earnings with ClickCash. If you have specific questions, just let us know and maybe your question will be the subject of our next feature!

Q: I'm recruiting new users to iFriends through my 100% link. How much do I make from ClickCash for those users?

When you recruit a user to iFriends through your 100% link, you earn 3% of what those users spend in live pay-per-minute chat with other iFriends models. This includes any tips they give to those models during their live sessions. This is called Revenue Sharing, or RevShare.

If the user is brand new to iFriends - meaning, they have never previously been an iFriends member - you'll earn an extra PPS bonus once the user spends a minimum of $15 in pay-per-minute live chat with other models.

Your ClickCash stats give you a week-by-week breakdown of what you're earning from those recruited members in real time as their session spend is collected by iFriends. Once your ClickCash earnings from the RevShare and PPS commissions total $50 or more, you'll be paid by ClickCash. Our pay period is the same as iFriends - Sunday through Saturday - and you'll receive payment from ClickCash the same way that you do from iFriends. This means if you receive checks, you'll get one from ClickCash. If you're on Payoneer or Direct Deposit, that's how ClickCash will pay you, too.

We discussed a few different ways you can maximize your earnings from your 100% customers in our February Newsletter. You can check it out again here!

Webcam Model Spotlight
iFriends Model of the Month PERVERTVIP

PERVERTVIP is the girl you wish lived next door. She's a college educated sexy troublemaker with a wild imagination. She can be a playful playmate or a stern mistress. PERVERTVIP is known for her fetish shows, including catering to nylon, foot lovers, cuckolding, cbt, and more. Affiliates who promote her in their fetish marketing have seen an increase in conversions when their traffic flows straight to her room.

Check out her Model of the Month feature on iFriends, or visit her Model Spotlight Page for banners, HD photos, text links, and Social Media tools to promote PERVERTVIP in your marketing.