ClickCash Connection - July 2015

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Welcome to the latest edition of the monthly affiliate newsletter!

It’s the middle of summer, and with the tools and top converting niches we’re promoting this month, your revenue is about to get even hotter. Our featured affiliate tool is a customizable promo that is producing great results for affiliates. For our spotlight niche, we focus on landers and promos that will convert your traffic searching for girls with large breasts. We’re also introducing you to the iFriends Model of the Month. It’s time to get connected!

Affiliate Tools
The Live Host Slider is one of our highest converting affiliate tools!

Top affiliates earn the highest payouts by connecting users directly with iFriends models. Using the Live Host Slider you can send your traffic to live iFriends models. With this tool, you can target ANY niche and customize the size, just by making a few simple changes to the code that drives the tool. By default the promo spotlights top converting models, but you can spotlight any niche with these variables:
Dynamic Promos Customizable Variables
The values must be entered exactly as provided below
Variable Name Variable Function Variable Values
&pf_VCHLiveRoomNumber This value tells the promo which session category to pull from on iFriends, whether it's Women Home Alone, Lesbians, Gay Men, Etc. 5 - Women Home Alone
6 - Guys Home Alone (Gay)
7 - Girl Girl (Lesbian)
9 - Guy/Girl (Couples)
11 - Gender Benders (TV/TG/etc)
12 - BDSM
16 - Fetish
&pf_VCHpdAge This value sets the age range of the hosts being featured. 18-19
&pf_VCHpdHairColor Generates a listing of all models who have the specified hair color Black
&pf_VCHpdEthnicity Generates a listing of all models who have listed they are of the specified ethnicity White
&pf_VCHpdBuild Generates a listing of all models who have listed they are of a specific body type Petite
&pf_VCHpdBust Generates a listing of all models who have indicated their bust size Small
EXAMPLE – Spotlight Models with Big Tits using this code:

<IFRAME allowtransparency="true" SRC="" height="300" width="720" scrolling="No" frameborder="0" align="top"></IFRAME>

ClickCash University has a whole section on customizing our dynamic promos. If you need help let us know. We’re happy to build your promos for you!

Spotlight Niche: Big Tits
Models with big tits are the most popular niche on iFriends!

The listing of live models with big tits continues to be one of the best converting landing pages on iFriends. Send traffic to this high-converting lander with this tracking link:

Spotlight single camgirls with big boobs in your marketing! With our Model Spotlight Creative tool you can quickly find pre-made promos, tracking links, and high def content to use in your website, blog, and social media marketing.

Clickcash has a huge gallery of promos in our creative library, designed to give you great ROI on your big tit traffic!

Webcam Model Spotlight
iFriends Model of the Month WHITEJARA

WHITEJARA new to iFriends and very enthusiastic about making a great first impression. She performs free to private sessions, and is very friendly with guests and members.

WHITEJARA is young, petite, and all natural. Her live shows offer members a high quality experience, from her production quality and audio to the variety of fetishes she enjoys, it's easy to see why she is popular!

Check out her Model of the Month feature on iFriends, or visit her Model Spotlight Page for banners, HD photos, text links, and Social Media tools to promote WHITEJARA in your marketing.