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Are you interested in marketing on Tumblr, but you're concerned that they will just close your account? Let us help you be successful with Tumblr marketing by going over some Do's and Don'ts!

Tumblr Do's
Do create a stand-alone site
Tumblr hates affiliate links (unless you are paying them!). If you link to iFriends via a tracking link, they are more likely to shut down your Tumblr account. Instead, create your own site and link to that from your Tumblr posts. Your site can have all the affiliate tracking you want.

Do link to content that is Relevant
Link to content that is related to the post you're making. If you are promoting this month's Model of the Month, link to through to a page on your site that features more about her. Use the banners that have been created, content from her fanclub, or pull her RSS Feed to populate a bio page right on your site.

Use Tumblr's Source Option on Every Post
Use Tumblr's source link option to connect to your stand-alone site every time you make a post, and put a link every image you post as well. While this will restrict you to single-picture posts, some data suggests these posts are more likely to be clicked on and retumblr'ed. This will also embed your site in the post regardless of how often it's shared, eliminating traffic leaks.

Stay Away from Videos - Use Gif's instead
Tumblr dislikes if you attempt to upload videos. Gifs will work across all devices, which is not something all embeddable HTML to play your movies can promise. Giphy will let you convert videos to animations, or you can use any other software or service you like to convert your movies.

Tell a Story in your post
Post about a model, or a session, from a viewer (or model's!) point of view. Tumblr users like stories, and will interact with and share stories that are interesting, amusing, or otherwise caught their eye.

For example, when you watch the next free Customer Appreciation show, why not write a short Tumblr blog about it, then lead to a deeper review on your site. A short teaser on your Tumblr that leads to a longer story on your site will help you convert.

Use Relevant Hashtags
We cannot stress hashtags enough. Tumblr exposure is driven by the content in your post and the hashtags you use. Don't spam a million tags just to have them. You want to feed relevant traffic through to your marketing. If people keep finding your content by hashtags that are not relevant, they'll stop clicking through and ignore your posts entirely.

Use Google Analytics Tracking
Using Google's Campaign URL builder in your posts on any social media platform back to your site will help you get more information about how users are finding your site. This will also help you identify the posts that are generating the most traffic, so you can make more of those types of posts.

Remember to connect your Socials
Be sure to connect your Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter accounts together. That way, a post to one will be seen across your various social media accounts. Experiment with this - sometimes this works great as it's a good time-saver, but it can make your linked accounts look more like spam. Find a connection that works best for you.

Tumblr Don't's
Don't use RSS Feeds
Using services like or IFTTT to populate your Tumblr is the best way to get your account closed. Why? Because Tumblr is interested in user-generated content. Using RSS Feeders will get your account closed. You can use RSS feeds to populate the pages on your site, but you'll need to either manually post (be sure to use their scheduler!) or user a service like HootSuite to cue up posts to your Tumblr.

Don't Post Affiliate Links on Tumblr
This is the second fastest way to get your Tumblr account closed. Instead of posting an affiliate link, set up your own feeder site and send the traffic from Tumblr to your site. You can populate your site with whatever affiliate links you want.

Don't Spam
Building an account that spams posts or hashtags will also cause Tumblr to close your account. It will also cause other Tumblr users to just ignore you, which is the opposite of what you're after!

Don't ignore other Tumblrs
Tumblr is a community. You'll get more traffic if you actually engage in posts and re-tumblr'ing other people's posts. Many accounts won't re-tumblr your content unless you've interacted with them first.


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