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During this season, we take the time to reflect upon the good things we have... like our valued affiliates! We appreciate working with you and hope that the holidays and coming year bring you happiness and success.

We are looking forward to moving into the New Year together!

Your Affiliate Team at ClickCash

A Postback Pixel (or Server 2 Server/S2S call) sends you a notification every time a specific action happens. This allows you to use third-party conversion aggrigator programs to view stats across your various affiliate networks.

In the past, our Postback Pixel fired only at a viewer signup. This is great if you're using our Pay Per Free Signup program, as you receive your commission immediately. This is a service that we continue to offer. For affiliates who promote Pay Per Signup or RevShare links, it only let them know that there was a signup and not that they received a commission.

Recent updates to our Postback Pixel support now allow us fire your pixel when a commission is earned, not just when a signup occurs. Here's how to take advantage of this service!

Send us a Commission-Triggered Postback Pixel Request using our online form. Be sure to include:
  • Your Postback Pixel Link
  • What information you would like returned, which can include the amount of your commission
  • A test link we can use to make sure your pixel is firing correctly
Some things to keep in mind when using this Postback Pixel Service:
  • The pixel will fire each time a commission is earned on your account. At your request, we can report back the amount of the commission that was earned.
  • We can return any dynamic information to you that is sent as part of the &pccart= parameter in your tracking link.
  • Multiple pieces of information can be returned by parsing them in the &pccacct= paramter. For example, &pccart=Value1_Value2_Value3 will allow us to pass back three pieces of data.
Got questions? Come chat with us in live chat support and we'd be happy to answer them!

Promote Free Cams and Earn Lightning Fast Payouts

Need extra holiday cash? No problem! Increase traffic through your Pay per Free Signup (PPFS) links and get paid a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $55 per qualifying signup. No customer spend required!

Have you checked out the new and improved Enjoy a totally profitable experience when you send your traffic to the all new TotallyFreeCams! Payouts are the same when you promote TotallyFreeCams and iFriends.

TOTALLYFREECAMS.COM: The improved TotallyFreeCams is fully responsive on all devices and has a sexy new look. The same attractive and experienced models on iFriends are featured on TotallyFreeCams, too! Let the eager-to-earn webcam models convert your traffic for you. Use our TotallyFreeCams-branded creative, or combine your own marketing with the text link below and electrify your earnings.

PAY PER FREE SIGNUP (PPFS): With our PPFS program, you get paid immediately because the new users who sign up through your links don't have to meet any spend threshold! Don't wait to get paid, cash in right away on your traffic each week.

Promote TotallyFreeCams using your PPFS link:
ClickCash offers Payout Programs to fit every webmaster need, including Revenue Sharing, PPFS, PPS, and PPES programs! Take advantage of our increased payouts. Join Now and find out why it PAYS to be a ClickCash affiliate!

Looking for the top converting landing pages on iFriends? You're in luck! We've been sifting through logs and analytics and have identified the top 5 pages you should be using to get maximum results with ClickCash. Each page is responsive across all devices, and you enjoy the same ClickCash payouts no matter what page you use. Let's take a look at each one...

iFriends Homepage
The iFriends Homepage is the gateway to the best of live cams. This page is one-stop shopping for the sexiest hosts, new camgirls, top models, and more. Users can quickly tell which models are offering free chat and who's using interactive toys as well. Grab the banners you'll need to promote the homepage or use the text link below to send traffic straight to it!
Market iFriends Homepage

iFriends Free Cams
Everyone loves free stuff, and cams are not different. Send users directly to a gallery of currently live, currently FREE cams and watch your conversions soar. Free Cams let your traffic kick the tires and test out the site before joining. Models who host in Free Cams are attentive to guests and will work to get users to join so they can go private.
Market Free Cams

iFriends Babes
Promote the best of the cam models on iFriends. The Babes category on iFriends is filled with top-rated hosts who have tons of content that can be used in promotions. These are models who always leave users happy and ready for more action. Grab the link below and send users to the hottest live cams on iFriends.
Market the Hottest Live Cams

iFriends Busty Cams
Size matters, and for those who love busty cam girls, our Big Boob category is for them! Promote the bustiest cam models on the internet. You can use our premade banners or the text link below.
Market Busty Cam Girls

All Women Live on Cam
Some users just can't decide, so give them everything! Our Live Cam All Girl landing page spotlights every lady who's hosting on iFriends right now! All ages, sizes, hair colors, and session styles are available to them in one convenient page. Use the link below to send traffic to the listing of all the live ladies!
Matket All Women Live on Cam

Promote the iFriends Halloween Bash!

iFriends is hosting a sexy Halloween Party, and everyone's invited! Combine our special Halloween creative with your Halloween Party landing page below and send your traffic to gorgeous angels, sexy devils, beautiful vampires, and so much more.

The party takes place Tuesday, October 31st from 10am - 10pm EST. Let iFriends serve up the tricks to help convert your traffic into ClickCash treats!

Use these graphics, or any banners from our creative library, to promote this special event.

Promote the iFriends Halloween Party:

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