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Recent updates to Gmail, which we documented in a previous blog post, may have caused our e-mails to stop reaching your inbox as they used to. You can ensure that you continue to receive our e-mail notifications about important news like bonus days, promotions, and more with a few clicks of the mouse. Here's how!

Add both of the e-mail addresses we use to send you important messages to your contacts list. This ensures that you receive both the general e-mail notifications, as well as account-specific e-mails from our support team. To do this, just follow these steps:

You can name the ClickCash contact whatever you'd like from the New Contact screen. You can also add each of the e-mail addresses we use. For your convenience, they are:
Once you do this, you should be all set! ClickCash sends out e-mails each month about new promos and offers, so if you have not seen an e-mail from us in a bit, make sure to check your Spam box. If you find any e-mails from ClickCash there, be sure to flag it as Not Spam to see it in your In Box.

We've added 11 new pieces of Creative to our banner library. These include several new promos featuring this month's Model of the Month, PETITFLAVIAA! If you're looking for a sultry brunette to convert those clickers into sign-ups, she can help you out! You'll find her spotlight creative, and all the rest of the new promos from our creative team in our latest promo gallery. Here's a preview of PETITFLAVIAA's spotlight banners, which all update to display her current online status. When she's live, they lead to her one-on-one cam sessions. Click on the promo to grab the iFrame code:

Let iFriends Help You Convert Clicks to Cash with
Free 60-Minute Live Shows!

September Customer Appreciation Show

Invite your traffic to a FREE live Customer Appreciation Show featuring AIMEE_HOT!

Thursday, September 12th
3-4pm EST

What's better than the promise, and delivery, of a free hour-long show to convert those clickers into ClickCash commissions? Use the Free Customer Appreciation Show graphics on the iFriends site to promote this show. Get your traffic converting with this special offer just for iFriends members! AIMEE_HOT's Fanclub has tons of HD pictures and videos you can use in your marketing, too!

Need pictures to start promoting AIMEE_HOT? Check out the sexy photoset available on our Tumblr page! You can also use our Custom Model Promos to spotlight AIMEE_HOT to your trafic!

We've added 5 new pieces of Creative to our banner library. Among them is a great new video banner featuring hot live models from iFriends. You'll find it in the latest batch of new creative available for use. Check out the thumbnail below to see a preview, or click through to see it in action!

Are you ready for some BIG CASH?? It's time to gear up and earn, earn, earn - go long and score some epic PPS bonuses all month long! With football season charging into fall, we've got bonuses you can't bear to pass up. Whether you're a Saint or a Sinner, a Packer or a Patriot, our bonuses are sure to make your September super!

But that's not all! This Friday is the last Friday of August, and the final day to take advantage of our cooked up bonuses! You'll be earning an extra $10 on each sign-up you bring through your IF and PPS links! These bonuses are on top of our increased payouts and any other bonuses you're earning on your account.

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