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We've added 10 new pieces of Creative to our banner library. These include our new roll-up sliders that live at the bottom of your page. These sliders allow users to start the sign-up process right from your site! Click on the thumbnails below to see the promos in action, and grab the HTML to make them yours.

Welcome to the new ClickCash Blog! This is the best place for you to stay up-to-date about promotions, new ClickCash features, ways to increase your commissions, access to additional marketing content, and much more!

This new blog will allow us to get you more information in real-time, allowing you to maximize your earning potential. You can leave comments on a post if you have questions about its content. This blog will, ultimately, be replacing the old ClickCash forums.

While you might be used to the Forum format as a means of getting in touch with ClickCash Support, we’ve added more and better ways for you to connect with us immediately to get resolution of your issue. These include Live Chat Support; our Diamond Ticket system, or by filing a support issue using the Help Us Improve This Feature (or HUITF) link that appears on every page. You can also reach us via phone, email, ICQ, and Skype! And we’re also available via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You are also able to connect with us via Tumblr and Pinterest, where we post TGP-worthy content from ClickCash compliant models that you can use in your marketing.

We can't wait to keep you in the know with our blog!

-ClickCash Support Team

Our creative team has added 10 new pieces of Creative to our banner library, including several featuring our latest Model of the Month, EROTICBLOND. Click to check them out!

Read our July 2013 ClickCash Connection Newsletter!

Summer's just getting started and things are heating up at ClickCash! This month, we show you how to make use of some under-utilized space on your website and showcase some hot fan-favorites from iFriends who will convert those clickers into commissions. We also discuss how the recent changes to Blogger's adult policies might impact you.

... And we introduce you to this month's Model of the Month - EROTICBLOND

Check out the July ClickCash Affiliate Newsletter! It's time to get connected!

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