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Expect to get showered with cash when you increase traffic through your ClickCash Program links this April! With iFriends now 100% HTTPS, you can feel confident sending your traffic to live cams on iFriends. We've made it easier than ever for you to lock in the highest commissions possible with ClickCash.

GET HTTPS CODE: Are you migrating your site to HTTPS for better search engine placement? Our creative tools will help! Our Image, HTML, and HTML5 creative is all available via HTTPS iFrames and link codes. Our recent blog post gives you the details on how to update your existing links to HTTPS.

IFRIENDS IS 100% HTTPS: Browsers are now proactively telling users if sites are secure or not. Sending your traffic to an HTTPS-powered site builds user confidence, making them more likely to join. iFriends has responded and is now 100% HTTPS powered. No matter what page a user surfs, they will be confident their info is encrypted and protected.

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