Your Account With ClickCash

Making sure that ClickCash has the most up-to-date information on file for your affiliate account is the best way to stay in the loop and maximize your potential. The ClickCash Support Team makes every effort to keep in touch with you in the various ways you've provided. You'll want to make sure that they always reflect the best ways to reach you.
  1. Provide Your Current E-mail Address

    When you sign up for your free ClickCash account, you'll have to activate it. ClickCash sends out an activation e-mail at sign-up that you'll need to log in and get started, so make sure that the e-mail address(es) you give to ClickCash at sign-up are the best ones to reach you, and aren't typo'ed! ClickCash also sends out e-mails to tell you about your traffic sources, as well as other news and important announcements and information. If your e-mail address changes, you can update your account to reflect the new address by logging into your account and then clicking the "CHANGE SETTINGS" link.

  2. Add ClickCash to Your Approved Senders List

    Some overzealous anti-spam filters mistakenly flag new e-mails you receive from any sender as spam until you set them straight! So make sure you've added "" and "" to your "approved senders" list to ensure that you receive not only the activation e-mail, but also any notices or other important e-mails regarding your account! That way, you'll receive all the important notices from ClickCash without having to wade through your spam box filled with special offers on Viagra!

  3. Read Your E-mails!

    We've never seen ClickCash send out an e-mail that WASN'T useful or important in some way. Whether it's the weekly report to show you the URLs that they've seen traffic from on your account or a special notice specific to your affiliate membership (like if a check gets returned to us by the post office!!), you'll want to make sure that you read each and every one! Some are automated, and will say so in the notice. Others will require some response on your part, so make sure to read each one!

  4. Respond to ClickCash Notices

    While you don't have to respond to the weekly Integrity Report e-mails, you may receive e-mails from ClickCash that require some response on your part. Make sure you respond when you receive e-mails from them!

  5. Keep Your Payee Details Updated

    Move? Get married? Get divorced? Incorporate your business? Make sure that ClickCash is informed immediately of anything that will affect your payouts. You are able to make changes to your address and contact information via the "CHANGE SETTINGS" link, but payee information, such as name changes, business additions and TIN updates must be done through our account update team page. If you're making big changes to your payee info, you'll probably have to send in a new T&C, so get the form and fax it in!

  6. How To Contact Support

    At sign-up, a Welcome e-mail is sent out that has important information regarding your account and ways to contact ClickCash. If you have general questions about your account, need technical support, or have questions about payouts, e-mail the Support Team through our online form. Always make sure that all correspondence contains your account code to make sure that the ClickCash Support Team can respond to you quickly!

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