Getting Paid With ClickCash

ClickCash wants to give you money in as many ways as possible every week! ClickCash is one of the few affiliate commission programs that pays you WEEKLY, not twice a month or once a month, and there's No Delay in those payouts! YOU pick your minimum payout. You see your stats in real time. There's no shaving on these numbers! ClickCash has paid out millions of dollars to thousands of affiliates since 1996. Not even hurricanes could stop ClickCash from getting checks out to their affiliates on time!

There are several ways that you can earn money with ClickCash. There's always ways to make sure that your money gets to you as fast as possible.

Do they REALLY give me $50 FREE?

Yes! Every new affiliate receives a $50 "Welcome" bonus just for joining ClickCash. It's credited to your account immediately at sign-up, before you generate your first sale! It's ClickCash's way of saying THANKS for signing up!

What kinds of payouts can I earn?

Your payout possibilities are endless when you use one or more of our current payout programs!

What's the ClickCash pay period?

The ClickCash pay period starts on Sunday morning at 12:00:00am and runs through 11:59:59pm Saturday night. Commissions are calculated and paid out weekly, usually on the first business day of the week. Your commissions are typically out the door no later than 48 hours from the end of the pay period.

What's the minimum payout?

That's really up to you! The bare minimum payout for ClickCash is $50 in earned commissions. But you can set your minimum to be anything from $50 to $5000. Commissions are paid out for any week where your account meets or exceeds the minimum that you've set for it. If you don't meet your minimum for the week, the pending commissions will roll over to the next week, and the next, until you hit your minimum. You can change your minimum at any time by logging into your account and click the "Update Account" link.

How can I get paid?

ClickCash pays out weekly either electronically or via check. If you elect to be paid via check, you can have your check delivered via USPS or by FedEx.

When you choose FedEx, there is a small fee for delivery ($15 in the US, $30 for non-US addresses). There's many benefits of having your check sent by FedEx! You can track it online using your tracking number, and you get your check quicker than if it goes by regular postal mail. To use FedEx, you must provide a physical address and working phone number at sign-up. FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box address.

For our affiliates in the US, you may elect to receive your payments via Direct Deposit/ACH straight to the checking or savings account of your choice. At the end of each pay period, you will receive your commissions deposited directly into that bank account. No more late checks or USPS snafu's! To sign up for Direct Deposit, simply log into your account and access the "Update Account" link for your account.

For our affiliates who are not in the US, but still wish to receive commissions electronically, Cosmo Payment is for you! With Cosmo Pay, there's no waiting on checks, and you receive your money faster than even FedEx can deliver it to you. Cosmo Pay provides you with an ATM/MasterCard that can be used just like any other ATM card all over the globe. Commissions in minutes, not days! Best of all, signing up for Cosmo Pay can be done right at their website. Once you have signed up, head over to your "Payment Methods" area for your account to enter your 9-digit SAN number.

Why haven't I received my commissions?

First, make sure you've hit your minimum payout for the current pay period. Don't count the sign-up bonus in with your commission payouts! You have to meet the minimum payout for your account with commission earnings.

If you have met your minimum, take a second to log into your account and make sure your payee information is accurate. Log into your account and clicking the "Update Account" link to see what address ClickCash has on file. If it's wrong, update it IMMEDIATELY and then contact ClickCash to see if the check was sent to the wrong address. They will also give you the information you need to get your check resent.

If everything looks okay, drop them a line to find out what's going on. It's possible that your check was returned to them by the post office, FedEx couldn't deliver because no one came to the door, or you simply have so much money in your Electronic Payment account that no more could be added. The Support Team is super speedy about making sure you get your money, and is eager to help if there's a SNAFU with USPS or FedEx. And if the check has to be replaced, the process is painless and quick!

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