Getting started with ClickCash is fast and easy. Just follow these steps and you'll be making crazy money!

  1. Set Up Your Affiliate Account

    The first step is to set up your free ClickCash account. Just click the Sign Up link to fill out the on-line application. Make sure that all of your contact information is accurate, as this information is to generate your payouts. Once you click the "submit" button, ClickCash will send you a Welcome e-mail which will contain important information about your adult affiliate account.

  2. Activate Your Account

    One of the most important pieces of information in your Welcome e-mail will be your ClickCash activation link. You'll need this link to activate your account. You must activate your account before you can log into it. Be sure to click the link when you receive your e-mail so that you can start making money immediately!

  3. Log In and Choose Your Creative

    Once your account is activated, just log into it and start browsing the various ClickCash Promo Tools that are available for you to use. If you're logged into your ClickCash account, all the links in the Promo Tools area will be pre-populated with your ClickCash account code. As such, you'll just need to copy the link and paste it into your website, and you're off!

  4. Watch The Conversions Climb

    After you load your creative on your pages and your traffic starts flowing, check your Real-time Stats and watch your commissions and volume bonuses add up. ClickCash pays out weekly for each week where you meet or exceed the minimum payout you selected at sign-up.

Proceed to Your Account 201: Your Account With ClickCash.