UCE Spam Policy

Considering the use of bulk email, bulk newsgroup postings, unsolicited AOL/ICQ "instant messages", or other "dirty tricks" to promote ClickCash.com sites like iFriends?

In a word, DON'T.

ClickCash.com has a strict ZERO-TOLERANCE anti-spam policy. ClickCash.com does not, and will not, honor any traffic or referrals that result from so-called "SPAM" activities, including UCE, newsgroup postings, IM spam, and other abusive tactics. In fact, if ClickCash.com observes your use of such tactics to promote the sites of ClickCash.com marketing partners, not only will we terminate your account, suspend all credits, and add your account information to a well-circulated "black list", we will also notify your ISP and upstream carriers of your violation of those firms' acceptable-use policies (AUPs).

Find out why ClickCash takes such a forceful position against spam.

How to report spam to us: Email the full text of the spam, including subject line plus all headers (if available), to abuse @ clickcash