Build Your Own Links From Scratch

Looking for some basic text links to use in your marketing? We've got you covered!

ClickCash fully supports customized ads and text links that you can use on your website, in ad campaigns, or social media marketing. Our only requirement is that the promotional message and spirit of your text link, custom banner or other artwork remain consistent with the promotional message and spirit of the default ads available on the ClickCash website, and that affiliate links or graphics not be false, misleading, or deceptive.

Use our custom link builder to generate the clickable link or simple text link you need for your marketing. Looking for more destination pages? Check out our gallery of full-page landers built to convert your cam traffic!

Custom Links
Custom Text Link Example:
"Check out thousands of live home-based video chatrooms right now!"

Example HREF construction (customize the red values; mouseover for explanation):
<a href="">

Example of a Basic Custom Text Link:

Use the utility below to build your own custom text links! In order to receive appropriate ClickCash credit, you must populate the "pccacct=" parameter for your ClickCash account code in the code generated below. To have the generated code automatically configured with your account code, please log in.

Custom Text Link Builder:
NOTE: The PCCART value is useful for identifying which text link is converting traffic, and tracks through your ClickCash stats. The ANCHOR TEXT is the text that will display on your page for users to click.