Free Domain Parking

When you park your domain, visitors to your site will see an attractive, single-page template when they enter your domain name into their browser. You can park those unused domains with ClickCash and earn money from the websites linked on your template. Best of all, it's FREE parking to all ClickCash affiliates.

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ClickCash Parking Features
Pick any template you want - we've got 'em all! Stick with a favorite niche (BBW, Asian, Fetish, etc.) - or use a general Adult template. When you specify a niche, your parked page will automatically iFriends models who match that niche. With ClickCash Parking, you decide where to send your content - you're in control!

Additional Features:

Niche Parking
Check out our most popular sites; mix, match and choose which ones to feature on your domain.

SEO Friendly
Maintain SEO control over all of your parked domains.

Real-Time ClickCash Promos
Templates draw from the extensive ClickCash gallery of promo tools to display live hosts.

Search Boxes
Fully functional search box returns customized results based on user input.

Sell Your Domain
Ready to unload? Selling your ClickCash parked domain is easy - just mark it "For Sale" and interested buyers will know you're open to selling it.

Buy a Domain
See a domain you want to own, that is for sale? Send a message to the owner through the quick link on ClickCash parking.

Analyze Parked Domains
The analysis tools inside ClickCash allows you to see how well your parked domains are converting.