Affiliate FAQ

ClickCash Basics
Q: How long has ClickCash been around? How much is your total payout? (view answer)
ClickCash began life in mid-1996, and was the first pay-per-click website affiliate program ever offered on the internet. Thousands of webmasters participate in our program, and payout totals in the millions of dollars have been paid out for their traffic to ClickCash participating sites, including the adult webcam network iFriends.
Q: How can I contact your support team? (view answer)
You'll find our contact info on our contacts page. You may also send us a message immediately via our contact form. This is examined continously throughout the day. Please be sure to include your account name in all e-mail to ensure a prompt response. You may also chat with us live using the Live Chat Support buttons that appear on every page of the site.
Q: I forgot the password to my ClickCash account. How can I retrieve it? (view answer)
Visit our Password Retrieval Facility to use the password reminder question and answer that you selected to obtainyour password. You may also contact us directly for assistance with your account information.
Q: I need to change the information you have on file for my account. Where can I do that? (view answer)
Just log into your ClickCash account, then select "Update Account" from the login screen, or from the menu that appears just below your screenname at the top of every page.
Q: How do I cancel and cash out my balance? (view answer)
We hate to see our affiliates leave us! In order to close your account, you may contact us via our handy online contact form. Please reference your account code and the reason for the closure of your account. A final payout, closing out your balance, will be issued to you and mailed following the regularly weekly payout cycle.
Q: When I try to log into my ClickCash account, I get the following error: "Account is not on file, has been cancelled, the password is incorrect, or account is not active." Why am I getting this error? How do I log into the site? (view answer)
Have you activated your account yet? You will be unable to log into your ClickCash account until you activate it using the activation link that was included in the welcome e-mail you received at sign-up. If you did not receive a welcome email message, log into your account and click the 'Resend Activation E-mail' link on the page. If you have already activated your account, make certain the password is correct. You can use the on-line password retrieval utility to verify your password at any time. If neither of these resolves your issue, contact our support team for further assistance.
ClickCash Payout Programs
Q: I see that ClickCash offers multiple payout programs. Where can I find more information about each of these programs? (view answer)
ClickCash is pleased to offer a variety of payout programs based upon affiliate requests. You select the program that is the best fit for your traffic. Our payout programs include Revenue Sharing, Pay Per Sign-Up, and Pay Per Free Sign-Up programs. ClickCash also offers an downstream Webmaster Referral Program as well as a Model Referral Program, allowing you to earn a commission for recruiting new affiliates to ClickCash and new webcam models to iFriends sites. You can read a review of each of the payout programs on our Programs Page. Each program's page features the payout schedule for that specific program.
Q: Does ClickCash have any programs where I can refer webcam models to iFriends? (view answer)
Yes! With our Model Referral Program, you earn a commission for each webcam model that you recruit to iFriends. For full details on this program, as well as linking codes and pre-made banners, visit the Model Referral Program page.

If you are associated with a studio or otherwise are able to recruit many new models to iFriends, we have additional payout options available for you, including RevShare!
Q: Can I update my existing ClickCash links to take advantage of your various payout programs? Am I able to change programs whenever I want? (view answer)
There are two ways that you can update your existing ClickCash links to deliver traffic through to whichever payout program you want. If you want to edit specific links to point to specific programs, simply update the &svc= or &pccSVC= variable to reflect the payout program you wish to use for that link. If your link does not contain a &svc= or &pccSVC= variable, you may add it in anywhere after your account code and before the &url= variable. The values would be: Alternatively, if you wish to switch all of your links to point through a specific payout program, regardless of what may or may not be specified in the link, you can easily do this without having to edit all of your links. Just log into your ClickCash account and access the Update Account area of the account manager. Selectt the "Payout Information" tab and you will see a pull-down labeled "ClickCash Payout Program Override." Update this to reflect the program you want to use for all your links, then save your changes. This will override all of your links, regardless of the &svc= value set. If you wish to later manually manage your links, just return to this page and select "None."
Q: Are refunds and/or chargebacks ever taken from my PPS commissions? (view answer)
Never. ClickCash pays you the full PPS commission even if the customer you refer to a ClickCash site like iFriends later charges back or demands a refund. (Of course, ClickCash reserves the right to terminate the account of any webmaster who produces unusually high chargeback rates or refunds, but such notice of termination would be received by you after you've already been paid.)
Q: I know that ClickCash runs special bonus offers all the time. How can I tell which of the bonuses I'm eligible for on my account? (view answer)
Whenever there is a special commission bonus for which your ClickCash account is eligible, we will always send you an e-mail to the e-mail address on file for your account. In addition, special bonus offers are always available for your review on our Special Offers Page. Just make sure you are logged into your ClickCash account to make sure you are seeing each of the bonuses you could be earning!
ClickCash Payments
Q: How often does ClickCash pay out affiliate commissions? (view answer)
Commissions are issued weekly, on the first business day of each week, reflecting the immediately-preceding Sunday-Saturday evaluation period. (No lags!)
Q: Does ClickCash offer any sort of electronic method of payment so that I can receive my commissions faster? (view answer)
ClickCash offers a variety of payment options, depending on where you live.
  1. For our US-bsed affiliates, we offer Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit, you specify the checking or savings account into which you want your commissions deposited and we handle the rest.
  2. For International affiliates, we offer electronic payment via Cosmo Pay
  3. For affiliates in the US or Canada, you can also choose to receive a Check sent by Federal Express or First Class Mail.
To add or update your payment method at any time, log into your account and access the Update Account area of the account manager.
Q: Are my ClickCash earnings taxable? Do I have to report them? (view answer)
ClickCash is not licensed to provide individual tax or financial planning advice. However, we urge you to recognize your income from ClickCash in accordance with all tax laws in your state, country or other jurisdiction. As a responsible corporation, ClickCash complies with all reporting requirements. For further information, please consult with a qualified tax professional who is familiar with your individual circumstances.
Q: The $50 sign-up bonus is not showing up in my account. Where is it? (view answer)
First, make sure you have updated your payee information to reflect your name, address, and other payment information. A sign-up bonus will not appear in the account until the payee information is compleated. Please remember that there is only one sign-up bonus per person, so you will receive the bonus only on the first ClickCash account you establish. The sign-up bonus will appear in your real-time stats once you have both activated your account and completed the payee information for your ClickCash account. Only accounts created at the site are eligible for this bonus.
Q: I see the $50 sign-up bonus in my stats. When is this paid out? (view answer)
The $50 sign-up bonus is paid out once your account has generated $250 in ClickCash commissions. At that point, your sign-up bonus is automatically released and is included with your next ClickCash commission payout.
Q: It's been a few weeks, and I haven't received my commission payout yet, as indicated on my Stats Page. What should I do? (view answer)
First, check your configurable "minimum payout" account setting - your weekly commissions are not issued until this minimum has been reached. If you receive commissions via check, allow up to ten business days for first-class mail in the continental U.S. (20 business days for Canada/Mexico/Overseas). Second, check the mailing address information we have on file for your account. If everything checks out, contact our ClickCash Accounts Payable Staff using our contact form and advise them that you have not yet received your check. Include your ClickCash account code for identification/verification, AND include the expected date and amount of the missing check. You will receive a prompt reply.
ClickCash Stats
Q: Your real-time stats area looks great! Can you provide an overview of what information it provides? (view answer)
Thanks! Our affiliates love the at-a-glance overview given to them by our graphical Real-Time stats. Here you can quickly seehow your account has been performing over the last year. For a full, in-depth review of what is included in the new real-time stats, take our real-time stats course at ClickCash University!
Q: How can I verify and examine, in real time, the traffic moving from my site to the ClickCash web site? (view answer)
Checking on click-throughs is quite easy! Just visit the real-time stats page, where you can examine traffic and check your account balance up to the very second!
Q: So how do you read the real-time stats? What information is included on them? (view answer)
Just follow this link and you'll find all the information you'll need on how to read your real-time stats, and where to go to find out any information you'd like about all aspects of your traffic, from click-through ratios to how well your referral webmasters are doing in their promotion of the service.
Q: What can I do to maximize the number of visits from my site to yours? (view answer)
Keep it Fresh! Every few days, pick a different promotion from our recently-added creative or select different promos from among our ever-growing creative library. Our studies show that once visitors to your site have seen the same link, banner or other creative just three times, response drops off dramatically. You can also use our dynamic real-time banners to keep things fresh and lively on your site. We have found that affiliates convert the best when they match up the user's needs with the area of the iFriends adult webcam network that best matches them. We have discussed various methods of maximizing your conversions in our ClickCash Connection Newsletter. We recommend that you take some time to review the past issues for tips and advice.
ClickCash Links and Creative
Q: Where can I get new creative materials (banners, skyscrapers, HTML5 dynamic creative,etc) to post on my site? (view answer)
Visit our Latest Promos gallery to see the newest editions by our creative team. If you're RSS-savy, you may subscribe to our Latest Promos RSS Feed
Q: Can I create my own custom text links, full-page ads, etc? (view answer)
Yes. ClickCash gives you two options: 1.) you can select from hundreds of different banners and other creative materials in our creative library which ClickCash serves and tracks for you (we even tell you which of the creative you choose get higher clickthrough rates than others through our editor's Choice gallery), or 2.) You can create your own custom link syntax, using your own text link or graphics, using our easy-to-follow Custom Creative guide.
Q: How do I determine the 'URL=' value for any page on iFriends? (view answer)
It's easy. Visit our URL tutorial for details.
Q: How can I identify iFriends webcam models to use in my own iFriends promotions? (view answer)
We've got many models eager to be a part of your promotions. Learn how to identify the models available to work with you.
Q: I have some domains that I'd like to redirect and earn commissions from ClickCash. How can I do that? (view answer)
Redirecting domains and earning ClickCash commisions is a breeze. Just follow these instructions in our blog!
Q: I noticed that when I direct traffic through my ClickCash links, the contents of the cookie are encrypted. Are there any tools available to view it? (view answer)
As a safety precaution to deter malware from attempting to hijack your ClickCash cookie (or other mischief), ClickCash cookies are encrypted. When testing and configuring ClickCash links, you may use our new Cookie Viewer utility to examine the contents of the cookie.
Q: Can I use content I find on iFriends to promote the iFriends site through ClickCash? (view answer)
You are welcome to use material you find on iFriends in your ClickCash promotions, provided you meet all of the following conditions:
  1. The material is used solely for the purpose of promoting iFriends.
  2. The display of any explicit material is limited to adults-only areas of your service or promotion.
  3. You either obtain the webcam model's permission or select one of the many models who have not indicated any "privacy block zones". These are models who have not indicated that certain zips, states, or countries be prevented from seeing their iFriends content. It's very easy to identify those webcam models who do not have any privacy block zones in place. Follow this link to see a listing of those models currently logged into iFriends who do not have block zones in place.
  4. In the event any webcam model objects, for any reason, to the display of any content related to them, you must promptly remove the offending content to the model's satisfaction.
Q: I own the 'typo'/'misspell' domain name. Will ClickCash accept traffic from this type of domain? (view answer)
In general, ClickCash accepts traffic from all sources, provided those sources comply with the terms of the ClickCash Marketing Agreement, abide by all applicable laws, do not infringe upon the rights of others, and are not conduits for SPAM/UCE. However, in certain circumstances where innocent minors may inadvertently reach the websites of individuals who own 'typo'/'misspell' domain names that might attract traffic from minors, such as "", or "", and those sites in turn forward to explicit adult content or other objectionable content that some may argue is harmful to minors, and ClickCash becomes aware of such links, ClickCash will not honor such traffic. If you have any questions regarding this, contact us.
Q: I understand that ClickCash is very strict in how its affiliates use the syntax. Is this true? (view answer)
Yes, because when you use the pre-made promotional creative that ClickCash serves from its own servers, any changes to the link syntax could prevent us from being able to correctly track your click-throughs and sign-ups! When you host your own banner, text links, full pages, etc, you are free to customize your ClickCash link to your heart's content, and to the extent that your marketing complies with the ClickCash Marketing Agreement. We also require that your advertisements not be deceptive and that they promote ClickCash sites like iFriends in the same spirit as observed in our canned banners and other official promotions. (See the ClickCash Marketing Agreement for more information).
Q: I have older links that reference the "SetPermanentCookie.cgi" code. Is there a difference between the current links and the older links I have been using? (view answer)
No, there's no functional difference whatsoever between the two link URLs. The shorter version ("") is a newer "alias" version of the long-form link, and was provided for the convenience of affiliates who prefer shorter URLs. Both the shortform link and longform link have identical tracking.
Other Questions
Q: Can I use email, instant-message (IM), CraigsList, or Chat spam to promote ClickCash sites? (view answer)
ABSOLUTELY NOT. As the Marketing Agreement clearly states, "spam is forbidden". (The transmisson of UCE -- unsolicited commercial email -- violates the AUPs -- acceptable use polices -- of virtually all internet service providers.) ClickCash Members who engage in such spam are automatically cancelled.
Q: I think I observed a ClickCash affiliate spamming. Who do I tell? (view answer)
You may contact our Abuse Team directly. Include a copy of the spam, including full headers.
Q: Do you accept traffic from TGP sites? (view answer)
ClickCash traffic accepts traffic from any law-abiding, responsibly-operated website or internet service, including TGP sites, subject to the ClickCash Marketing Agreement.
Q: There is a billing on my credit card or bank account statement from "One ClickCash," or I am otherwise looking to contact "One ClickCash/1ClickCash." What can you tell me about this company? (view answer)
The web service One ClickCash (1ClickCash) is in no way affiliated with ClickCash or any other WebPower-enabled service. The One ClickCash service is an online cash advance service. To receive assistance about your One ClickCash account, or to contact One ClickCash customer service, we would recommend visiting their site directly.