How to Convert Like Crazy!

The secret that all affiliates want to know is how to maximize their traffic into CRAZY levels of ClickCash commissions! While there's no one magic bullet that will increase conversions, the following are some tips and tricks that we've used with success, and are happy to pass along to you! If you've got other tips you'd like to have included here, please just let us know!

  1. Know Your Product!

    Take some time so you can actually know what the site is that you're promoting, and what it's all about. Peruse the site to check out what features it offers and decide which ones you'd like to play up to your visitors. Don't promise them something that you can't actually find on the iFriends Network.

  2. Be Fresh!

    Keep your content fresh on your pages. Don't just show the same old bunch of 10 models. Spend some time browsing through the archives on sites like iFriends for the genres and niches you're working with and pick some fresh new faces for your marketing campaigns.

  3. Be Relevant on Your Target Adwords

    This should go without saying, but it's amazing how many folks we've seen buying up keywords that are related to a specific niche, only to find anything BUT that niche on their pages!!! No wonder those are the same folks who complain that they have tons of click-throughs, but no one ever signs up for a commission-earning account!

  4. Max Out Your Pages for SEO

    You know the drill - title, meta keywords, meta descriptions, etc. Make sure to use your alt and title tags for images to your advantage and use relevant words for the traffic you're targeting. Use text links with your graphics to navigate folks through your site. Make up a site map and then link to it from each page.

  5. Appeal to the "Tour" and the "Gimmee It Now" User

    There are, in general, two types of surfers who will hit your site. Those who see it as merely a stopping point on their way to those "live hot XXX babes" in your ad, and those who want to see what type of "live hot XXX babes" they might be able to see before they make the decision to hand over their credit card. Make sure you appeal to both of these. Give those "I want it now" folks a link to the sign-up page on every page of your site. Give the "window shoppers" some teaser examples of what the site has to offer to entice them to use that "register now" link that is so prominent on your pages.

  6. Don't Make Navigation Confusing

    By planning out your site ahead of time, you should be able ensure a steady flow through your site and make sure that the surfer can get to where they want and need to get without much hassle. If you make the navigation confusing, they're just going to hit "back" and go onto someone else's listing.

  7. Use Webcam Models Who Actually Are Live, and Link to their FanClubs

    Webcam models who appear on sites like iFriends are a great promotional resource that is fully at your disposal. If you link through to their FanClub page, the visitor gets to see MORE of the model who enticed him to click in the first place, which pretty much guarantees a sign-up. Many models are ClickCash compliant, and are very happy to have affiliates send them new fans! ClickCash spotlights a wide array of compliant models in our Model Spotlight Gallery.

    Plus, linking to live video sessions has never been easier! Just check out the Dynamic HTML Promos which contains creative featuring models who are live on sites like iFriends right now.

  8. Give Good Examples

    Give your visitors examples of what they'll find inside sites like iFriends. TGP-style galleries of model images, profiles, downloadable teaser videos, even simulate a session for them!

  9. Mix It Up

    Don't just link through to one site. There are a variety of different sites that you can promote through ClickCash! Send some traffic to each and see which results in increased conversion rates.

  10. Be Honest In Your Marketing

    Good quality, great converting affiliates tell us one of the main secrets to their success is to avoid certain keywords, as they always bring in those folks who will never sign up for anything. Their main word to avoid is "Free." Yes, viewer memberships to sites like iFriends are free, and yes, there is an amazing amount of content on those sites that doesn't cost a penny to access, but there's also a lot on the site that isn't. By being up front with your visitors, your conversions and quality of traffic will greatly increase. Talk about the free sessions, archives, and video on demand library, but also talk about the premium XXX private chat that members can access 24/7. Also, talk about the free phone with the model they can get in those premium sessions.

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