Custom Join Pages

For affiliates that prefer to direct their traffic directly to a site's join pages, ClickCash provides the following links to the most used and best converting sign-up pages. In order for clicks passed through to the links below to count towards your stats, just use the standard ClickCash linking code. Our Text Link Generator allows you to specify the URL of the page on iFriends you wish to link to, and will provide you the correct linking code to use.

Join Page Options:
Join Page URL Generic to
All Sites? *
Default (Easiest) URL  No
IncredibleCams [IC] URL  No
SizzlingCams [SC] URL  No
TotallyFreeCams [TC] URL  No
Generic JoinUX URL  Yes

* Generic Join Forms are available for all Sites. To use this join page for any of the sites in our Site List, simply use the format of [domain]/userurl_/free-join/?pccacct=MYACCOUNTCODE (be sure to substite your ClickCash screenname for MYACCOUNTCODE).

For example, to click through to the sign-up page of iFriends, you would use:

The URL above supports the inclusion of &pccsvc= to specify the payout program you wish to track your clicks and sign-ups through, as well as the &pccart= parameter to allow you to easily manage multiple campaigns.