ClickCash for Cam Models

Everyone's looking to earn extra money, and as an iFriends webcam model, you have an extra way to do that - with ClickCash! When you use your 100% promotional links, not only do you earn up to 100% of what the users you recruit spend with you in premium live video chat, you earn extra bonuses! You earn 3% of your user’s live videochat spend (including session tips) with any other webcam model. And when you introduce a user who has never had an iFriends account before through your 100% link, you'll earn a PPS bonus once that user spends $15 or more with other models. There are models who earn an extra $100, $300, $500 each week just by using their 100% link and generating these extra ClickCash revenues. Both the 3% Revshare and PPS bonus appear in your ClickCash stats.

How do I know how many sign-ups I'm generating?

In our March, 2013 newsletter, we discussed several ways that you can see the results of your 100% promotions in your ClickCash stats. Your iFriends VCH Stats also provide you with details about your 100% sign-ups. If you are already logged into your VCH stats, your stats now have a "100% Payout" tab. This tab gives you details about how many people clicked on your 100% links, and how many sign-ups your links generated. Full details about this stats update can be found in the iFriends Blog.

To see how much you are earning in the 3% RevShare and PPS commissions you are earning, just log into ClickCash and access your Summary Stats. Your Summary Stats are located off the Real-Time Stats menu when you are logged in. This screenshot provides an example of one model's ClickCash earning activity through her 100% links.

That's great! Are there banners I can use to promote my links?

iFriends provides some customizable promotional banners that you can use on your website or blog. We've got to admit, we're biased towards the creative that the ClickCash creative team makes! Especially the ones that spotlight models who have been Model of the Month. If you've been a Model of the Month in the viewer newsletter, then you already have an array of special creative that spotlights just you! Most will tell users when you are actively live, and all click through on your 100% link. You can see examples of these banners in the Single Star creative library (and if you've been Model of the Month, find your banners there!). You can read about it in our January, 2013 newsletter.

How do I get featured on those banners?

The ClickCash creative team is always looking for new models to spotlight. If you're interested in maximizing your exposure, we always recommend that you look into being featured as a Model of the Month. But even if you aren't interested in that, but want special creative, we can assist you! In our November, 2011 newsletter, we give you the tips to being featured in ClickCash marketing! We've also covered ways that you might be preventing ClickCash from featuring you in marketing in our May, 2012 newsletter.

I own my own domain and want to make the most with my 100% links. I don't know a lot about HTML.

You don't have to be an HTML Ninja to make money of your own personal domain. One quick way to make $$$ off your domain is to re-direct it to iFriends via your 100% link. What does this mean? This means that when someone types in your URL, they'll automatically be re-directed to iFriends via your 100% link -- either to your premium chat, fanclub, or the sign-up page, depending on whether you're using VisitMe or JoinMe links. We tell you how to do this in our September, 2012 newsletter.

How do I get started generating links? Can I earn other ClickCash commissions?

Marketing yourself can seem daunting. Fortunately for you, we spent our March, 2012 newsletter discussing a few easy, free ways that you can start to dip your toe in the marketing waters and start generating traffic through your links! You can also market other cam models on iFriends. While you won't earn 100% when you introduce new users to your friends, you will earn standard ClickCash payouts. There are models earning hundreds, even thousands of dollars every week participating in ClickCash as a regular affiliate.

I have a more questions. Where do I go for help?

ClickCash Support is the best way to get answer to questions about promoting yourself and reading your account stats. You can reach us in a few ways:

  1. Through Live Support: We know you're used to the iFriends live support chat by now. ClickCash has one, too! Just click the Live Support button that appears on every page, including this one, to reach us!
  2. Through our Customer Support Link: If we're not available via live support, you can always send us a message using our customer support link. This allows you to explain your question and get help asap!
  3. Ask us on Twitter: Our Twitter maven is always watching for Tweets containing questions. Follow us using our @ClickCash handle and ask away! Following us on Twitter is also a great way to stay in the know on special promos that can earn you extra cash!