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The Domain Parking (CCP) Program is one of a variety of our highest paying programs. With cash parking, we do all the heavy lifting, while you sit back and rake in the dough. Turn your parked domain into cash with one of our niched and general templates to send your traffic through, and watch your conversions climb. Parked domains pay a flat $25 per CCP qualifying user brought through your CCP links.

How Domain Parking Program Works
Step 1: Add Your Domain: Park your under-used or not-yet-fully-realized domain with our quick and easy Domain Manager. Select your niche, then select the template you would like to display on that domain. You can enter Meta keywords for SEO-goodness, and even decide if you want to list your domain as "For Sale." Each and every link on your parked domain contains a ClickCash link that credits your account with all click-throughs and CCP qualifying sign-ups.

Step 2: Update Your DNS Records: Once you've entered in your domain, you will need to update the "A-Record" (sometimes referred to as the "@ Record") for your parked domain. It may take 24-48 hours for your changes to take effect, depending on how often your hosting company cycles their servers.

Step 3: Generate Your Traffic: When your customers click any links on your parked domain, we set a cookie on their computer. This follows them through their sign-up process at whichever ClickCash participating site you have selected based on the niche of your template. At sign-up, we read the cookie and pay you out the flat $25 commission for each CCP qualifying sign-up for the specific pay period.

Step 4: Bank Your Commissions: With CCP, you are paid immediately when the customer establishes a CCP qualifying sign-up through your parked domain. It really does PAY to be a ClickCash affiliate!

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