Pay Per Free Signup

The Pay Per Free Sign-Up (PPFS) program pays you WEEKLY up to $55 for each new, unique, viewer sign-up you bring through your ClickCash links. You get paid immediately upon the new user sign-up. At the end of each weekly pay period (which runs Sunday through Saturday), your signup number reset and your commissions are sent to you immediately. Get paid per free signup by Check, Direct Deposit, or other Electronic Payment—it's up to you!

Here is your ClickCash commission tracking link for the PPFS payout program:

pay per free signup payouts

How Pay Per Free Signup Affiliate Program Works
Step 1: Select your PPFS Link: When you find a promo in our Creative Library you wish to use, you will notice you may select the "PROGRAM" for your link. From this pull-down, select PPFS. This will auto-populate your link syntax to reflect that you wish to be paid per sign-up for all PPFS qualifying memberships established through this link. You will see this designation in your linking syntax as &SVC=PPFS or &pccSVC=PPFS. If you are using text links, updating this value in your links will send your traffic through the PPFS payout program.

Here is your ClickCash commission tracking link for the PPFS payout program:

Step 2: Add Your Code to Your Pages: Update your website/blog/creative to reflect this new linking code.

Step 3: Generate Your Traffic: When your customers click on your PPFS linking code, we set a cookie on their computer. This follows them through their sign-up process at whichever ClickCash participating site you have selected. Every sign-up to any ClickCash Participating Site in a pay period adds to your volume bonuses. No exclusions! At sign-up, we read the cookie and pay you out according to the PPFS payout schedule below for each PPFS qualifying sign-up for the specific pay period.

Step 4: Bank Your Commissions: With PPFS, you are paid immediately when the customer establishes a PPFS qualifying sign-up, regardless of the site they join. Each new customer in a pay period increases the volume bonuses you earn for your traffic. Plus, ClickCash periodically runs Bonus Days where we increase the PPFS commissions earned. It really does PAY to be a ClickCash affiliate!

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