Using ClickCash Tags

What Are "Tags"?

All creative in the ClickCash Promo Tools area has one or more "tags" associated with it. These tags represent categories or an adult niche under which the piece of creative falls. Using tags, you are able to identify all of the HTML banners that feature blondes, for example, or that are geared towards a gay audience.

Each of the main promo pages (like this one) features a pull-down menu that will allow you to see all the HTML, Flash and Image creative that has been tagged with a specific tag. The main types of tags are:

Promo Tools Tag Categories
Box Dimensions (WxH) All creative is tagged based on its Width and Height, so you can quickly find the creative that fits your webpage layouts.
Niche Every niche, from hair color to ethnicity to fetishes and more are represented under the "niche" tag. You can use these tags to quickly find creative that suits your targeted webpages.
Promo Tools These are the tags such as "Exits & Pops," "Real-Time," etc.
Banner Type Sort just by branded or unbranded, skyscraper, or banners that spotlight a single model.

What's truly wonderful about the ClickCash Tag system is that, once you're looking at a listing that fits one tag type, you can quickly generate a "sub-list" of specialized creative within that particular tag. For example, if you're reviewing all HTML creative that features Dynamic Data (like this), you will find several pieces of creative that feature blonde models. If you want to then see all of the promos that feature Blondes, just click the button labeled "Blonde" beside the piece of creative.

By selecting "Blonde" as your Filter, you will now see a display that features all the banners that feature blonde models!

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