Customizing Dynamic Promos

Customizing Dynamic Promos

When you utilize a piece ClickCash creative in your marketing that features Dynamic Data (like these), by default, we have already attempted to identify the best pool of webcam models to spotlight in that piece of creative. But many of our dynamic promos can be customized to feature just those models who fit a specific niche, such as BBW or Latina or Blondes...

To customize your promo to display only those models who meet a certain criteria, first click the "GET HTML" link, which will generate the exact linking code for the specific banner you wish to use. If you see LiveHosts.dll, you're cooking with fire! The bulk of the promos that feature this value, including our RSS, XML, and JSON Feeds, can be customized to display just those models who fit the niche you want to promote!

Important Note: If "LiveHosts.dll" does not appear in the link syntax, you may still be able to update your dynamic banners. Check out the info below for how to customize dynamic banners which do not feature "LiveHosts.dll."

The list below provides you with the variables to update or add that will make you the master of the promos! You can mix and match to find the best listing for your pages. Just remember, the more variables you introduce, the fewer models may be on-line who meet ALL the criteria! Also, other than the session category, each of these criteria are indicated by the host themselves.

Dynamic Promos Customizable Variables
The values must be entered exactly as provided below
Variable Name Variable Function Variable Values
&pf_VCHLiveRoomNumber This value tells the promo which session category to pull from on iFriends, whether it's Women Home Alone, Guys, Couples,, Etc. 5 - Women Home Alone
6 - Guys Live on Cam
9 - Couples and Groups
11 - Transgender(TV/TG/etc)
16 - BDSM/Fetish
&pf_VCHpdAge This value sets the age range of the hosts being featured. 18-19
&pf_VCHpdHairColor Generates a listing of all models who have the specified hair color Black
&pf_VCHpdEthnicity Generates a listing of all models who have listed they are of the specified ethnicity White
&pf_VCHpdBuild Generates a listing of all models who have listed they are of a specific body type Petite
&pf_VCHpdBust Generates a listing of all models who have indicated their bust size Small

When updating the HTML that drives your promo, the values above should be entered BEFORE the end of the &T= value for the banner, which typically ends before the height and width are specified. For banners which specify a &psitecode, place the new variables in front of this last variable.

For those banners which do not feature LiveHosts.dll in the iFrame linking syntax, but instead have a structure that looks more like:, you can still update the code to click through to different live niches on iFriends. By default, these dynamic banners will pull models who are currently live in the Women Home Alone category on iFriends. That's why you see "cam-girls" in the URL. To spotlight a different niche, here's how to do it:

Dynamic Promos Customizable Variables For Non-LiveHosts.dll Banners
The values must be entered exactly as provided below
To Link To Change "Cam-Girls" To
Women Home Alone Cam-Girls
Couples and Groups Couples
BDSM/Fetish Fetishists
Gender Benders (TV/TG/etc) Transgender
Guys Live on Cam All-Guys

Simply swap-out the phrase "cam-girls" to spotlight the niche you want to feature in your dynamic banner. As always, you may contact us for assistance with customizing your links, or to check that you've updated them correctly! Just let us know which promo you'd like to customize and what type of live session you wish to feature and we can provide the code to do it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Customizing your promos incorrectly can result in an inability for us to track your click-throughs to your account. If this is your first time customizing our creative, please contact us for assistance, either prior to starting or before making your promotion live to ensure that the customization was a success.

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