Saving Favorite Promos

Using the "Favorite Promo" Feature

ClickCash allows you to bookmark, or favorite, any promo in our creative gallery. This allows you to make your own personal listing of favorite creative tools. You can then review these when deciding which are the ones you want to use on your pages.

When you are browsing through our creative library, you will see that each promo has an "Add to Favorites" button. It looks like this:

Clicking this button allows you to make a note for yourself, so that you can remember why you added it to your favorites.

The next time you see this promo in our creative gallery listings, it will show you the note you left. It will also give you the option to remove this promo from your favorites listing.

Once you have at least one promo marked as a favorite, a new option appears at the top of each creative gallery page. Click the "My Favorite Promos" link to view all of your favorites in one listing.

You will be treated to a listing of all your favorite banners in our creative gallery. The banner you added most recently will be at the top of the list.

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