ClickCash Participating Sites

ClickCash isn't just iFriends anymore. You can direct your traffic through to any one of high converting sites to generate ClickCash commissions for your account. With a wide variety of niches and landing pages to choose from, you can tailor your destination site to your specialized traffic to really maximize your conversions.

What Is A ClickCash Participating Site?

A ClickCash Participating Site is a webcam site that is marketed through the ClickCash program. These are adult niched sites that allow ClickCash affiliates to direct traffic through them and receive payment for qualifying sign-ups. View a full listing of all the ClickCash participating sites. With so many different sites, ClickCash Participating Sites cover every niche and genre you can imagine! Everything from Asians to Upskirts, from BDSM to Trannies, there's a site for everyone.

Why Should I Promote A Niche Site When iFriends Converts So Well?

The niche sites featured in the ClickCash site list cater to your niche traffic who may not be interested in just a general webcam site. By delivering your traffic to one of these specialized sites, you'll be maximizing your conversions by delivering exactly what the user is looking for. Another great thing about the ClickCash Participating Sites is you enjoy the same high level of commissions and payouts regardless of which site or sites to which you choose to deliver your traffic!

Can I Use The ClickCash Promo Tools To Send Traffic To These Sites?

Yes! Each ClickCash Promo Tool is linked to relevant ClickCash Participating Sites by the ClickCash tag system. For example, if you're reviewing an HTML creative that promotes Hispanic hosts, you'll be able to obtain a listing of all the sites that is geared towards users looking for Latinas, such as Lusty Latinas. You can point your current ClickCash links to any of these sites, or use new ClickCash Promo Tools to market these sites to your users. To do so, simply select "Lusty Latinas" from the "Site" pull-down, then click "Get HTML." Your linking code will automatically be updated to point your click-throughs to the Lusty Latinas site. If you know the SiteCode for the specific site you want to promote (like your own created via the WWEE!), you can do that, too! Just update this value and you're all set.

Do I Have To Pick Just One Site?

Not at all! You can choose to send your links to any, or all, of the ClickCash Participating Sites! With so many fresh sites to choose from, you'll see your commissions climbing in no time.

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