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ClickCash offers a wide variety of adult affiliate marketing tools for you to use to advertise video chat sites like iFriends to your traffic. The ClickCash Promo Tools are all-new and all-fresh, updated daily by the ClickCash creative team. The Promo Tools are an array of HTML, Flash and Image creative that you can place on your webpage to direct traffic through to sites like iFriends to earn commissions on sign-ups. When you are logged into your account, each Promo's link will be pre-populated with your ClickCash account code, so all you have to do is copy the HTML and paste it into your webpage!

Basic Types of Promos:

The ClickCash Promo Tools area is broken up into three basic types of promotional materials: HTML, Flash and Image Creative. Our creative tools also include RSS, XML, and JSON feeds, ClickCash Domain Parking, Custom Join Pages, Co-Branding, and more!

For our HTML, Flash and Image banners, each banner is sorted by "tags," which serve to help you find the right banner for your needs. (Need more information? Check out a full discussion of ClickCash tags.) When you are surfing through our Creative Library, you will notice that there are a multitude of different types of promotions available. Some of the main categories include:

Main Promo Tools Categories
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Latest Promos The newest, hottest creative fresh from our talented designers. New creative shows up here first, so check it out often!
Dynamic Banners Our dynamic banners display webcam models who are currently live on iFriends. With so many models live at any time, your visitors will always be greated with sexy and fresh faces. These never go stale!
Geo & Map Banners Everyone is searching for that perfect "naughty neighbor." Our Geo and Map banners can help your users find the perfect place to find the man or woman of their dreams. Convert your traffic from lost to found with our latitudes and longitudes.
Live and Simulated Chat Give your traffic a taste of the action and leave them wanting more. Our live and simulated chat banners offer a sneak peek into what lies ahead inside their very own video chat session.
IM-Style Banners Our slide-up IM-style banners will definately catch your traffic's eye. Our video vixens are waiting to be the newest friend on their friend list!
Carousel Present a virtual buffet of live models with our scrolling carousel banners. Your users can scroll through an array of models to find their favorite, then join them immediately in a live video chat session.
Live Feeds Our live feeds offer another way to give your traffic a taste of the action. Incorporate our live feeds into your own website, and presto, you're offerng hot, sizzling, LIVE shows immediately!
Exits & Pop-Ups Attention-getting creative that, based on its Height and Width, works well for Exit traffic and pop-up windows.
Full-Page Ads Devote a whole page to your ClickCash creative with these ads.
Interactive Search Serve the Webcam Search straight from your webpage.
Niche (Dynamic) With our niched dynamic banners, you can make sure that your traffic sees exactly what they're after, and lead them straight to it!
Special Events Celebrate special events, such as St. Patty's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas with special ads. These also include special events on sites like iFriends.
What's Your Fantasy? Ads that encourage users to fulfill their fantasies.
SingleStar Creative that spotlights single webcam models.

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