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Earn Mad Cash This March

Enjoy big payouts when you send traffic through your ClickCash programs links this March! Earn money from your non credit card traffic through your PPES program link or get paid up to $55 for free sign-ups generated through your PPFS program link.

PAY PER FREE SIGN-UP (PPFS): Earn up to $55, and a minimum of $20 for each free sign-up you generate through the PPFS program. With PPFS, your sign-ups don't have to meet a spending threshold - you get paid immediately!

PAY PER EMAIL LEAD (PPES): Send traffic to your PPES program links and earn $1 for users who validate their email address from the US, CA, GB, UK, AU, NZ – no credit card required! Promote your PPES links worldwide and get paid as soon as the email address is validated.

Here's your PPES program tracking link:

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