Reading Your Real-Time Stats - Part 1

The ClickCash Real-Time Stats pages offer the most innovative and powerful affiliate stats interface of any program. If you prefer your information as charts and graphs, we've got you covered. If you like raw data instead, we've got what you want there, too! We track your click-throughs and sign-ups in REAL TIME with no lags or shaving! You'll see your raw clicks, unique clicks, iFriends commissions and downstream commissions, all in one place. Plus, we offer tools that allow you to analyze your traffic in great detail so you can find out which of your pages are converting the best, which target pages inside sites like iFriends are converting the best, and which combination of pages produces the most sign-ups for you.

Now that we know the basic terminology that's used inside the Real-Time Stats page, let's take a look under the hood to see what information is available to us from ClickCash.

Your Real-Time Stats

Once you've successfully logged into your ClickCash account, just click on any of the links that say "real-time stats." This will bring you to the main page of your Real-Time Stats. We call it your Dashboard for your stats, and gives you a graphical overview of your stats. It will look something like this:

Here you will see daily and weekly overviews of your account activity for all the programs in which you participate. So even if you take advantage of all the programs we have to offer, on one page, you can quickly see how well you're doing with ClickCash. This dashboard is also available to you while you're surfing any page of the ClickCash site via the menu at the top of the page. Simply mouse over "Real-Time Stats" and select "Stats Overview," and like magic, you'll be at your ClickCash Dashboard.

Both the Daily and Weekly overview graphs provide information about how you are doing from a revenue stand-point and click-through/traffic stand-point. You can quickly see day to day, and week to week, how your account is performing with ClickCash. Mousing over any of the points on the graphs will provide you with specific numbers about that day, and clicking on any point will take you deeper into your stats, where you can see graphs which detail a break-down of each program in which you are participating. Each program has a different color associated with it, so you can easily discern your PPS from your RevShare lines on the graphs! You can also access these graphs via the "Revenue" and "Transactions" tabs on the Dashboard.

The "Weekly Traffic" tab will bring you into the raw data stats for your account. It details unique and raw hits, along with the number of sign-ups your account produced for the current week. The default screen details all of the traffic and commission information for your account, but using our easy pull-down menus, you can hop between your PPS, RevShare, CCP, etc. traffic details in one place. You can also access the raw numbers for the current week by mousing over the "Real-Time Stats" button in the menu at the top of the page and selecting "Current Week." From that fly-out, select "Traffic" to see the raw numbers.

Pay Period Information - Hits and Sign-Ups

Our "Current Week" traffic stats provide a day-by-day breakdown of all of the account activity for your account. Just like the graphs, you can see all your traffic at a glance, or drill down deeper into specific programs. The main traffic stats page will look like this:
By using the "Change Service" pull-down, you can fine-tune the display to show you only those campaigns in which you participate, or are interested. You can also change the date-range to review your traffic stats for the past 7 weeks. When you are inside a specific program's traffic report, you'll notice that the links become highlighted, and additional graphics appear. It might look like this:

Here we can click on any of the numbers for hits or sign-ups to see a minute-by-minute breakdown of the source of these numbers. For example, clicking on hyperlinked "19" for Monday will give us a break-down of every sign-up and the URL from which it originated. You can also quickly see this information off the "Real-Time Stats" menu by mousing over "Current Week" and selecting "Commission Details." Again, once you're inside this page, you can navigate back through previous weeks quickly and easily without having to return to the main page.

This page also tells you what your current conversion ratio is of click-throughs to sign-ups. To determine the conversion ratio, the system takes the total number of click-throughs and divides it by the total number of sign-ups. In the affiliate account above, there have been 54 sign-ups from those 19,934 unique clicks so far this week, so the account is converting at 1:369, or 1 sign-up for every 369 unique hits the account tracked.

Additionally, you'll notice that there's a new graphic beside each of the days of the week. This graphic provides you access to our analysis tools, which you can also access off the "Real-Time Stats" menu by mousing over "Current Week" and selecting "Conversion Analysis," but we'll discuss that in a bit.

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