Using the Analysis Tools - Part 1

We've reviewed the basics - you know what information ClickCash gives you in your powerful Real-Time stats, but how do you use that information to really dig into your traffic, see where it's coming from and, most importantly, how to make that affiliate traffic make you more money? ClickCash has several built-in traffic analysis tools that allow you to do just that. Using information in your linking codes, as well as the actual URL's from which your traffic originates and where it's headed, ClickCash allows you to see which sites are making you the most profit!

Analyzing Your Traffic

You'll have noticed all the "analyze" graphics spread throughout your real-time stats. They look like this: Anytime you see this icon, clicking on it will provide you access to the ClickCash analysis tools for that day or week. You can also access the analysis tools via the menu at the top of each page. Just mouse-over "Real-Time Stats" then select "Current Week" and click on the "Conversion Analysis" menu item. These are VERY important tools that some affiliates don't use simply because they don't understand what they are or what they do! So, we're going to demystify these tools so that you can use them to really understand which of your sites are generating the most click-throughs and sign-ups!

Clicking the "Analyze" link for any period inside your stats will provide you with a summary report that shows you the top converting referral URL's from the specific time-frame. You can switch between a daily overview to a weekly overview by using the pull-downs at the top of the page, as well as switch between programs you're analyzing.

Analyze: Top Converting URLs

The default results that appear when you click the analyze link for either the week or a specific date will generate a listing of your top 25 converting URLs based on sign-ups vs. clicks. It will give you the conversion ratio for each of the URL's, as well as an approximate revenue per click (commission paid for the sign-up divided by the number of clicks the URL received). If you do not have 25 URLs that generated sign-ups, the rest of the list will be comprised of your top clicked URLs. Keep in mind that, depending on how the visitor came through your link, the same URL may appear twice on this list. For example, you might see an entry for "" as well as "," even though they are the same page. The analysis tool compares exact matches. Simply add up the clicks and sign-ups columns for each of these URL's to identify the conversion ratio for "". The bottom of the report provides you a link to your Real-Time stats so that you can see the conversion ratio for your account.

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