Real-Time Stats 101: The Basics

The ClickCash Real-Time Stats page offers the most powerful stats interface of any affiliate program out there. You can track your click-throughs and sign-ups in REAL TIME with no lags or shaving! You'll see your raw clicks, unique clicks, iFriends commissions and downstream commissions, all in one place. There's tools inside your real-time stats that allow you to analyze your traffic in great detail so you can find out which of your pages are converting the best, which target pages inside sites like iFriends are converting the best, and which combination of pages produces the most sign-ups for you.

But let's start from the beginning. What ARE these "stats" and how do I read them? If you already know the basic affiliate marketing terms, but need some help in reading your real-time stats, just click here for a step-by-step guide to interpreting your ClickCash Stats!

Those Crazy Words
When you first start out with ClickCash, you may hear many words you've never heard before. Words like "clicks," "conversions," "creative," "targets" and more may make your head spin at first. Here's a dictionary of words and terms you'll encounter and what they mean.

Stats: Stats are the statistical overview of your account's performance. They tell you how much traffic you've had, how many people have signed up through your links, how much you'll be paid, etc.

Real-Time: Real-Time is just what it sounds like - occuring live in "real time" (as opposed to tabulated over an extended period sometime in the future). If a user clicks on your link, you see it immediately reflected in your stats. If that user then signs up today, you'll see the sign-up the moment the user is told that their account creation was successful, not sometime next week.

Hits: Your account is credited with a "hit" whenever someone clicks on any of your ClickCash links. ClickCash records UNIQUE hits and RAW hits. Hits are sometimes referred to as "click-throughs," because it indicates someone has clicked through to iFriends from your links.

Raw Hits: Raw hits are the total number of clicks for your account. It tells you the total number of times your links were clicked, regardless of whether it was one user 100 times, or 100 separate users. Raw hits are displayed in real time.

Unique Hits: Unique Hits are the number of unique users who clicked on your links. Unique Hits are tabulated once every 24 hours as the clock strikes midnight. This way, you can tell if those 100 raw hits were one person clicking every link on your site 100 times, or 100 separate users clicking through on your links. This allows you to see how many people are really visiting your sites, instead of being misled by a high number of clicks generated by one person.

Sign-Up: A sign-up is when someone who has clicked through on your ClickCash link becomes an iFriends viewer. For the sign-up to qualify for a commission payout in your stats, the user must be new to the iFriends platform and must provide a valid credit card during the sign-up process. They do not have to join at the VIP or ClubElite level - as long as they created the account as a full-access membership, you earn money for their sign-up.

Pay Period: The Pay Period is the timeframe during which your hits and sign-ups are tallied for payout. The Pay Period is important because volume bonuses reset at the end of each pay period.

Pay Per SignUp (PPS): Our Pay Per Sign-Up program pays you a commission up to $135 for every PPS qualifying new user you bring through your ClickCash links to sites like iFriends. View full details about our PPS commission program!

Pay Per Free SignUp (PPFS): Our Pay Per Free Sign-Up program pays you a commission up to $55 for every PPFS qualifying new user you bring through your ClickCash links to sites like iFriends. This is slightly different than the PPS program described above. View full details about our PPFS commission program!

Revenue Sharing (RevShare): With Revenue Sharing, you earn a percentage, up to 35%, of all spending by RevShare qualifying users you bring through your ClickCash links. View full details about our RevShare commission program!

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