Affiliate Referrals

When registering a new ClickCash account code, populate the "Referral Code" property with the ClickCash account of the person or entity who referred you to ClickCash. (The referring account will receive credit for the CC qualifying referral).

ClickCash webmasters use this code to earn commissions on payouts to thousands of affiliates that they directly refer to ClickCash, or that their referrals refer to ClickCash, or that their referrals' referrals refer to ClickCash.

Getting dizzy? Relax - it's simpler than it sounds. We call it The Power of Ten:
affiliate referral payouts
How Affiliate Referral Program Works
To receive the 10% revshare on webmaster commissions, simply refer new affiliates to ClickCash using the following link syntax:

Or, if you prefer to send them to the ClickCash homepage, use this link:

You can also use our promotional artwork on your pages to generate referrals, too! Or use our referral tools to send emails and use social media to recruit your friends to ClickCash!

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