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You need 'em, we've got 'em - all-new, all-fresh, daily-updated Promo Tools! From customizable HTML and GeoTargeting to TGP-compliant galleries and full-tilt, private-label branding features, this is the powder keg for the explosive conversions you've been waiting for!

Dynamic Banners

Our dynamic adult banners display webcam models who are currently live and hosting on iFriends. With so many models live at any time, your visitors will always be greeted with hot, sexy and fresh faces. These don't ever go stale! And since they are either niche-oriented or can be filtered by niche, you can deliver to your users exactly what they're looking for.

GeoTargeted & Map Banners

GeoTargeted creative converts like crazy! Everyone is searching for that perfect "naughty neighbor." Appeal to their need with our array of Geo-Targeted and Map banners. From banners letting users know that there are hot and sexy models ready for some steamy live chat in their area, to maps that show live models in their neighborhood, we can help you find the perfect place for your users to get some sugar of their own! Our latitudes and longitudes meet in the perfect place to convert your traffic from lost to found.

Live and Simulated Chat Banners

What's the best way to convince someone to click? Give them a taste and leave them wanting more! Give your site visitors a taste of the action with our interactive live and simulated chat banners. Our live affiliate banners pick a live webcam model with whom the customer can interact right at your site. These are can be customized by niche to feature the type of model that will most appeal to your surfers. Our simulated chat banners offer a sneak peek into what lies ahead inside their very own webcam video chat session.

IM-Style Banners

Our slide-up IM-Style banners will definitely catch your traffic's eye. Visitors will click to see which of their friends has logged into their favorite IM client, and find themselves face-to-face with the woman (or man) of their naughtiest dreams!

Carousel Banners

With our scrolling carousel banners, your traffic will be presented with a virtual buffet of live webcam models who are just waiting to fulfill their fantasies. Your site visitors scroll through the dazzling array of models to find their favorite, and then join them immediately in a live session! These banners are also completely customizable by niche, so you control the types of models who are spotlighted.

Live Feeds

Our live feeds are another way to present a taste of what iFriends has to offer. Live Feeds satisfy that voyeuristic craving to see what's going on behind the curtain. Once you give your users a tantalizing sneak peek, you can guarantee that you'll leave them wanting more!

Search Boxes

Help your users pinpoint the models who can deliver the experience they desire with completely functional search boxes. Our interactive search boxes - that look just like another portion of your site - allow your visitors to type in their fantasy and, with a simple mouse click, find the model that best fits their needs.

Customizable Banners

Many of our banners are customizable. You can modify the look of the banners to make them fit your site design. Don't like the pink background for your green-and-black site? Not a problem! We expose design elements to allow you to make the banner fit your site. Make our banners your own!

Single Model

There are over 44,000 webcam models that host live sessions on the iFriends. These banners are perfect for the "star gazers" in your audience - shining the spotlight on the "cream of the crop." The models featured in these banners are ClickCash compliant, are known to give great video, and produce nothing but satisfied customers.

Exits & Pop-Ups

Our Exit and Pop-Up banners are just the right size to use in your exit consoles or pop-up windows. You don't have to re-create the wheel - we've selected the perfect banners to fit your needs! Plus, you can quickly grab the code to make these banners pop right off (or under!) your pages using our Pop Builder.

Full-Page Ads

Convert your site into a feast for the eyes! Use our full-page ads to add the hottest webcam models to your website. These engaging ads are sure to convert surfers into customers.

Niche (Dynamic)

You know what your traffic desires, now give them exactly what they want. With our niched banners, you can make sure that your traffic sees exactly what they are after, and lead them straight to it!

Special Events

From New Years to Christmas, celebrate the holidays and give your users a year-round gift with an array of real-time and dynamic banners that appeal to the special time of year. Whether spotlighting our sexiest Easter Bunnies or the most wicked of Halloween costumes, we've got the sweetest eye candy to bring some holiday cheer to your site.

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