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Each month ClickCash sends you a copy of our affiliate newsletter. It includes:

  • Account Overview - details hits, paid signups, and your payouts
  • News and Promos - provides information from ClickCash to help you earn more
  • Model of the Month - a top-converting iFriends model for you to promote
Let's dive into the Account Overview and understand how the information is generated.

The Account Overview shows how your account activity is trending month-to-month. It compares your account's activity for the past 4 weeks to the previous 4 weeks. It focuses on unique hits, paid signups, and commissions. Here's an example of one affiliate's activity.

For our affiliate, this email shows the following trends:
  • Unique Hits - have decreased
  • Paid Signups - have increased!
  • Your Payment - has increased as well!
Our affiliate has found a traffic source that loves iFriends! They may have less traffic, but that traffic is converting better than before. This leads to higher payouts, and a better ROI for our affiliate.

Every affiliate receives this newsletter each month. Make sure you're receiving yours! Head over to our Email Preference Center to manage your ClickCash emails today.

Affiliates have asked about Safe-For-Work landers they can use to promote iFriends. Our creative team has two unique pages that you can use for your dating, connection, and otherwise more mainstream traffic sources.

Both pages click through to the iFriends Safe-For-Work signup form, too. You can use these pages to generate traffic through any of our Payout Programs.

Landing Page 1 Preview

Shown Reduced, click here to see the full page

Your PPS Link for Landing Page 1:

Landing Page 2 Preview

Shown Reduced, click here to see the full page

Your PPS Link for Landing Page 2:

Send traffic to either (or both!) pages using any of our Payout Programs. Just update the &pccsvc= value to match your preferred program.

Need any help crafting or customizing your links? Just contact our support team for assistance!

Out of the box our Dynamic Webcams WordPress Plugin looks like the homepage of iFriends. But maybe your site is shades of red and our color scheme just doesn't work. Does that mean you have to unstall the plugin? Nope! It means that we get to edit the CSS that drives the plugin!

Accessing the Plugin's CSS
  • Log into your WordPress Admin
  • Access the list of installed plugins
  • Identify the ClickCash Webcams Plugin
  • Click the "EDIT" link for that plugin
This will take you straight to the PHP and CSS Files that drive the plugin. Click on the Style.css for our plugin. Now we're ready to edit!

Prefer a visual step-by-step? We've got you covered:

Editing the CSS
When you open up the CSS file, you'll see values that look like this:

Before we get started, it's useful to understand a little bit about how CSS works. A good resource for that is W3Schools. We recommend that you take some time to learn some basic HTML before attempting to edit this file. And making a backup of your file before you start is a must!

The main lines to edit to make this plugin your own include:
  • background-color - selects the color of the background of each cell. This is the color that appears behind the model screenname.
  • color - specifies the color of the font used for the model screennames
  • font-size - adjusts the size of the font used for the model screennames
  • font-family - customizes the font used for the model screennames
By just making some small tweaks to these values, your plugin could go from this:

To this:

In the second image, we've updated the colors, font size, and font face to better match our site.

There are even more ways that you can customize this WordPress plugin, including:
  • Changing hover behavior
  • Updating the image sizes
  • Setting a different target for your clicks

We'll be touching on these different ways to customize your plugin next time!

There's millions of reasons why a model would love hosting on iFriends. But there's one-hundred reasons why you'll love promoting iFriends to prospective new models.

ClickCash pays $100 for each new model you recruit through your Model Referral links. With our new model lander, those conversions will come faster than ever. Check out these advantages that the new Model Tour Page has over older landers like EarnMoneyOnCam:

  • Longer On-Page Time - a more engaging page for new models
  • Higher Conversions - converts +20% better than other model landing pages
  • Mobile Friendly - better functionality and more user-friendly
  • Higher Payouts - models host more hours and you get paid faster!
Start Recruiting New iFriends Models Today!:

Interested in receiving lifetime revshare for those models you recruit? We've got you covered! Contact our support team to get started with our model revshare program.

NEXTDOORBLONDE's Free Live Camshow
Market the special event featuring NEXTDOORBLONDE and increase your payouts! Free shows are a great way to introduce users to the iFriends site and entice them to join, resulting in higher conversions for you. This show happens Thursday, April 7 @ 3pm EST / 12pm EST exclusively on iFriends!
Market This Free Show Today:

Model of the Month: SWEETNADY
Introduce your traffic to our April Model of the Month - SWEETNADY. She's a petite and intelligent blonde. She offers members a great experience with clear HD Video, Audio, and Cam-2-Cam. SWEETNADY also accomidates many kinks and fetishes during her shows. Get the banners and links you'll need to promote her today!

Looking for More? Why not market these top converting Blonde Beauties?

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