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Our latest crop of promos gives you a responsive grid of currently live hosts. The promo featured above can be set to either live inside a div with specific height and width, or to expand to fill the entire page. Each of the model images resizes to give the best display to your traffic. Whether they are on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, they will see the best view. You can also customize them to spotlight a specific niche! Let's get started on how to use and customize these promos.

Control the Size
This promo can be placed inside a div, where you specify the height and width of the div to fit your needs. Place the iFrame code inside the div where you have specified the height and width. The promo will auto size to fit the dimensions of the div. You will need to add a style of overflow:hidden; to the div. Here's an example of how your code would look:

Fill the Page
If you are using this promo to fill an entire page, your page will need to be coded to meet HTML5 standards. Once you have that:
  • To fit a part of the page, follow the "control the size" instructions above.
  • To fill a whole page, use iFrame code as-is.
  • Be sure to have the style html, body to have a height of 100%!
  • Make it dance for mobile by adding a meta tag with a value of: meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"
Spotlight your Niche
As with all our dynamic live promos, you can use it to spotlight any niche on iFriends. By default, the promo spotlights the top cam girls on iFriends. But by making small changes to the iFrame Src, you can promote any niche. Here's how to customize this promo to feature other types of models:

Niche Original Parameters Updated Parameters
Top Cam Girls &pf_vchpdsex=female
Free Cams &pf_vchpdsex=female
Big Boobs &pf_vchpdsex=female
MILF &pf_vchpdsex=female
Fetish &pf_vchpdsex=female
For more customization properties, check out our Guide to Customizing Dynamic Promos.

Of course, if you have any issues with featuring this promo on your page, drop us a line. We'd be happy to get you the code you need to make your pages dance.

Learn how to write a great text ad

Whether you are using text ads on your site or generating traffic through paid placements, you want to write the most effective ad possible. But how do you know that your ad is awesome?

Mike from LoSasso Advertising offers an SEM Minute on writing effective text ads. He discusses the elements of the ad, ways to change up your marketing, and the importance of testing!

Are you looking to create your own text ad to drive traffic to iFriends? Here's the tracking link you'll need!

Set your CTA Destination for your Ad:

You've got MILF traffic? We've got the iFriends MILF's to convert it! Promote these models and watch your conversions climb.

Here's three easy ways to start promoting these sexy MILF's right now:
  • Click the GET HTML button on any of these promos to grab the code to make it your own
  • Click the CLICK HERE for your Marketing Links link and find more creative and text links for that model
  • Click the BIG GREEN BUTTON beneath any model to immediately promote her right now on your Twitter. Instant gratification!

Earn Monster affiliate payouts promoting cams!

It's scary how much you can earn when you increase traffic through your ClickCash program links and promote the best converting cam models on iFriends!

FULL PAGE LANDERS: Looking for something different? Our Full Page Landers offer you chillingly customizable landing pages for your traffic. Each features live models and are pre-populated with your ClickCash tracking links. With four different landers to choose from, it's easy to find the best match for your traffic.

LIFETIME REVENUE SHARING: Your earnings don't have to be a one-time thing. Keep cashing in on the members you recruit - for the life of their memberships! With our Lifetime Revshare Program, earn up to 35% each time your members treat themselves to a sweet live show on iFriends.

Here's your Revshare Tracking Link:
ClickCash offers Payout Programs to fit every webmaster need, including Revenue Sharing, PPFS, PPS, and PPES programs! Take advantage of our increased payouts. Join Now and find out why it PAYS to be a ClickCash affiliate!

Understanding your ClickCash Stats

Our Summary Stats give you a week-by-week overview of your account activity. They update in real time, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. There's a lot of info in your stats, so let's review what it all means with an example:

Let's pretend these are your stats for this week:

Raw Signups
You generated 17 signups during the current week. Awesome! Raw signups include paid AND potential signups.

A Potential Signup means that your referral needs to take extra steps before you get paid. These extra steps include spending money in live chat, if your users joined with your Pay Per Signup (PPS) or Revenue Share (Revshare) links. For Pay Per Email Signup (PPES) links, your referral must click on a link in the email iFriends sends them to verify their account.
Paid Signups
You were paid a commission for 12 signups during the current week. Way to go!

We track your referrals from the moment they click your link to the day they join the site and complete all the steps needed for you to get paid. That's why you'll often see a commission for a user that initially clicked on your links in the past week, month, or year(s), or that signed up previously but just now took the extra steps needed for you to get paid (this potential signup becomes a paid signup).

Raw Hits
You generated 5779 clicks on your affiliate links during the current week. Great job!

Each time your link(s) are clicked we record and count them up here. Repeated clicks from a single person are counted here.
Unique Hits
You generated 4800 unique clicks on your affiliate links during the current week.

Each time your link(s) are clicked we record it, BUT repeated clicks from a single person are not counted here. That’s why they are called Unique Hits, duh!

Stats are super easy to use, but if you need any help or clarification, just visit us in Live Chat Support or drop us a line. We know our stuff and are pretty friendly, too.

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