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When building your site, you're on the look-out for things that might cause confusion to either users or search engines, and you work to fix them. Using tools like Google Analytics as well as user feedback, you can pinpoint these areas and fix them.

But there are issues that no amount of analytics can reveal, and they might leave you feeling like this is how the Search Engine gods are treating you:

Never fear! Our friends at Search Engine Journal have you covered! They've made the mistakes so that you don't have to. And they show you how to resolve them, too!

Are you making these
7 Common CRO Mistakes?

Live Tweeting an iFriends special event show, like the free Customer Appreciation Show, is a great way to connect with your followers and attract new ones.

Giving users (and potential signups) a glimpse of the action entices them to see it for themselves, leading to new signups earning you big commissions. Even if they don't join immediately during the event, your description of the show will get them to signup so that they won't miss the next one.
Before You Start
  1. Decide on a Hashtag - Using a hashtag that's common for all the tweets associated with the specific event is key. This will let you link all your event tweets together and creates buzz as your followers comment on them. Do your research, though! You don't want to use a hashtag that someone's already actively using. For example, when iFriends live tweets a Customer Appreciation show, they use the hashtag #ifshows

  2. Give your followers notice of the event - Let people know what you'll be tweeting about ahead of the event, and chat with those who are interested in it. This will also keep people from unfollowing you when you have a wave of tweets during the show. It gives them enough notice that they can mute you if they don't want to see all your show-related tweets, rather than un-following you.

  3. Know who's participating - Find out what you can about the model who is performing the event. Grab the model's content from our CAShow Gallery or the Model Spotlight Tool. If she has a twitter account, connect with her prior to the show. Tweeting pictures and information about the model offering the show is a great way to create interest in the event - as well as generate new signups through your links. If you can't find the model's Twitter handle, let us know and we'll hook you up!

  4. Have your link codes ready! - Make sure you have the tracking links to send users to the special event page or to the model's fanclub. These should be included in your tweets.

  5. Check your viewer account - Special Event shows are offered exclusively to iFriends members, so you'll need an iFriends account to participate. Don't have one yet? Signup for free by clicking here.

During the Event
  1. Grab Screenshots - and use them in your tweets! Pictures give your tweets a 35% boost in Retweets, as well as cause more user engagement - including more clicks! More clicks means more potential signups through your links.

  2. Quote Chat - Whether it's something the model says or a quote straight from user chat, seeing what the interaction is will help you make more relevant tweets

  3. Spotlight the Action - The best play-by-play announcers are legitimately excited about the action. Tap into your inner Mike Breen and make your followers feel like they're in the room with you - because the more descriptive you are about the action, the more likely they are to click through to see it for themselves (via your ClickCash link, of course).

  4. Watch for Responses - and respond to them! Whether it's from @iFriends, the model giving the show, or your followers, be ready to engage in conversation about what you're seeing and entice users who aren't in the show to follow your link.

  5. Avoid Spammy Tweets - When tweeting your first live event, it's easy to go overboard and tweet every second. You don't have to. Tweet when the scene changes, when something exciting is about to happen, just before "the money shot", etc. Think Quality over Quantity.

  6. Use your Hashtag - Make sure to include your special event hashtag in each tweet, along with your ClickCash link code so that users can immediately signup and join in on the action.

After the Event
  1. Continue Tweeting - Use the hashtag to post follow-up pictures, reviews, and more about the special event. Give a shot-out to the model who hosted the event, especially if she's on Twitter.

  2. Check out your Twitter Analytics - Twitter provides information about engagement and views for all your tweets. See which of your show tweets got the most action and which were ignored.

  3. Rest your Fingers - Live Tweeting an event can be pretty taxing, so go out and get a manicure - especially one where you get a hand massage

More and more people are surfing for information on their smartphones, even if they have a desktop computer present. With mobile traffic taking a larger footprint in your traffic sources, it's more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly version of your site.

But that's not the only reason - Google has started indicating which sites are Mobile-Friendly in search results. As a smartphone end user, I'm more likely to click a link that I know is optimized for my device versus one that will leave me pinching, stretching, and otherwise frustratedly clicking BACK.

Admit it - this is you visiting non-mobile friendly sites on your phone

Google has dedicated a whole section of their webmaster area to helping you start to convert your site to mobile, what to think about, and even details the most common mistakes to avoid. They even have a site analysis tool that will tell you how your site looks now. It gives recommendations on the key elements to update to really maximize the mobile space.

Click Here for Google's Guide to
Making your Website Mobile-Friendly

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Affiliates often ask if we have Safe-for-Work landers they can use for promoting iFriends. Our creative team has answered the call and has two unique landers for you to use for your dating, one-to-one connection, and otherwise safe-for-work traffic.

Both pages bring users straight to the iFriends safe for work signup form. You can use these pages to generate traffic through any of our Payout Programs, including PPS and RevShare. Click the image to see the page in action!

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