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How to tell if Google is sampling your analytics data

Many affiliates rely on Google Analytics as one method to determine how productive their traffic may be. That's why it's important to make sure Google is giving you a complete picture of your traffic, rather than providing a sampling of data.

Sampling uses a random subset of data to provide you reports and analysis. While there are times when sampled data is fine, it often will give you an incomplete view of the traffic you are generating and the quality of that traffic.

Our friends at MozBlog have provided easy ways of identifying if your Google reports are being sampled, and how to make Google provide you reporting that reviews 100% of your traffic.

Use Social media to refer new affiliates
We love when affiliates share ClickCash pages (like our blog!) over social media. But did you know that you could be generating downstream referrals with those shares? Our affiliate referral program pays you 10% LIFETIME REVSHARE for new ClickCash affiliate signups. Here's your step-by-step guide to making the most out of being social:

  1. Visit the page you want to share
  2. Add: ?&pccacct=YOUR_ACCOUNT_CODE&pccsvc=cc to the end of the URL in the address bar, then hit enter
  3. Click our "SHARE" link () at the top of the page
  4. Select your favorite social network (Twitter, Facebook, or Email)
  5. Edit the text to your liking, then click to share!
When you follow these instructions, you will be sharing your affiliate link. You'll be generating downstream affiliate signups in no time!

XXCARMEL's Free Live Camshow
Market the special event featuring XXCARMEL and increase your payouts! Free shows are a great way to introduce users to the iFriends site and entice them to join, resulting in higher conversions for you. This show happens Thursday, July 7 @ 3pm EST / 12pm EST exclusively on iFriends!
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Model of the Month: SERENAWONDERS
Introduce your traffic to our July Model of the Month - SERENAWONDERS. She uses interactive sex toys in her live shows and aims to please by providing members with a great experience. Serena offers HD video with audio, enjoys fetish shows and role play. Get the banners and links you'll need to promote her today!

Looking for More? Market Models with experience converting ClickCash traffic

Declare your independence by generating YUGE earnings this July with ClickCash. Use our customizable promo tools on your website or blog, and convert your traffic into cash. ClickCash continues to pay up to $200 for each PPS signup you generate. If lifetime payouts are more your speed, our RevShare program pays you for the life of the viewer accounts you refer.

ADD RSS, XML, AND JSON FEEDS Our dynamic API's allow you to create one-of-a-kind marketing that fits seamlessly into your existing site. Our RSS, XML, and JSON feeds update in real time, displaying live models and leading users straight into their rooms through your tracking links. Optimize your marketing with our niched API's today!

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Earn Lifetime Commissions on your Webcam Traffic:

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As Google says, a great ad today may not always be a great ad tomorrow. You should continue to test your ads and optimize them for the best results. In this new video from Google, they discuss:

  • Prioritizing your creative optimization efforts
  • Setting up reasonable tests
  • Verifying that you're using the correct ad rotation setting
Whether you're an old pro at AdWords or just dipping your toes in the text ad waters, there's lots of good information in this short video.

Do you have any questions about any of the topics covered in this video? Ask in the comments!

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